ˈe-kwə-tē - “Fairness and justice in the way people are treated.” Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Central to New Profit’s mission is advancing bold new ideas to drive systemic change in the United States. Our country has reached a moment of heightened national consciousness about race, class, and the opportunity gap. This new national awareness includes an elevation of reactionary voices threatened by change and committed to perpetuating exclusionary practices as normative. New Profit needs to put a stake in the ground on this issue and move the conversation towards expanding opportunity for all, not reducing it.

Today, New Profit and the creative agency Hiker are launching #AdvanceEquity, a creative campaign to drive dialogue and inspire action to expand equity in America. #AdvanceEquity poses an urgent question – how do we change as a nation to reduce inequity? #AdvanceEquity will begin to address this question specifically from the standpoint of social impact and frequently through the tactic of creative expression.

New Profit partners with dozens of social entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and their cross-sector counterparts to break down barriers to opportunity across early childhood development, education, college-to-career success, and public health. Based on this work and lessons we’re continuing to learn from our community, we believe progress towards equality of opportunity will only be possible if we address some of the biggest impediments to change, all of which we have the opportunity and ability to move meaningfully. Our #AdvanceEquity dialogue will address the below key issues accordingly:

  • Advance Equity and Local Ownership: Change can’t take root and be sustainable in communities if it’s not locally owned.
  • Advance Equity in Leadership: People in the communities being served by the organizations we support - where public and philanthropic funders direct their resources - don’t have enough voice and agency in the problem solving process.
  • Advance Equity in Networks: Today, who you know matters as much as what you know in shaping opportunity in America
  • How did you #AdvanceEquity today? We must keep our focus on efficiency of our use of resources and accountability for results, even as we take risks on innovation and incorporate a more collaborative, communitarian approach.
  • Catalyze Creativity: What existing creative tools are overlooked by our existing processes?

In addition to sharing information about our learning process and the steps we’re taking internally to address issues of equity and inclusion, we’ll promote engagement and dialogue by sharing creative stories on a range of related topics:

  • Leadership Stories on Equity: How other players across the social change ecosystem, from nonprofit service providers to funders and everything in between, are taking on this challenge in their own ways.
  • The Argument for Equity: How these players are making the case that advancing equity is essential to creating greater social impact.
  • Hearing All Voices: How the voices of communities and community leaders are being heard in, and driving, dialogue and action.
  • Creative is Impact: How artists are playing a role in social impact.
  • The Policy of Equity: How policy is affecting, and being affected by, the new movement for change.

Every step in this process of discovery and change for us over the past few years has been illuminating, at times challenging, and often inspiring. We expect #AdvanceEquity will be no different.

Join us in this dialogue. Connect with us and share your unique story using #AdvanceEquity on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other platforms.

To get things started please take a look at our Gathering highlights and listen to our new podcast Jump at the Sun with Tulaine Montgomery.

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