Take 5: "The Charitable Causes Americans Care About Most" and more...

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    Here's five social innovation links we are clicking on today:
  1. Vanity Fair: V.F. Portrait: Salman Khan "Ten years ago, a financial analyst between jobs made a few videos to help a young cousin with her homework. Today, Salman Khan’s YouTube channel has hit 400 million views, and his Khan Academy is changing the way kids learn—for free. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan assesses the impact of one singular mind."
  2. Mashable: The Charitable Causes Americans Care About Most "As Giving Tuesday approaches on Dec. 2, marking the third annual global effort to kick off the holiday giving season, people around the world are deciding how to donate their money and time to causes, charities and nonprofits. According to a recent Harris Poll on charitable donations in the U.S., overall giving increased in 2013 — the first time since the 2008 recession. One in four Americans feel it's their personal responsibility to help make the world a better place by being actively involved in causes and issues, while an additional 17% believe it's important to volunteer and donate to charity."
  3. Fast Company: Can Business And Tech Transform The Way Our Government Works By 2020? "The rise of open data, crowd-sourcing, predictive analytics, and other big tech trends, aren't just for companies to contend with. They're also a challenge for government. New technology gives public agencies the opportunity to develop and deliver services in new ways, track results more accurately, and open up decision-making. Deloitte's big new Government 2020 report looks at the trends impacting government and lays out a bunch of ideas for how they can innovate. We picked out a few below. There are more infographics in the slide show." New Profit recently renewed its collaboration with Deloitte, a groundbreaking, multi-million dollar annual collaboration that has helped nearly 50 innovative nonprofits achieve scale and greater impact over the last 15 years. For more information click here!
  4. The Mission Continues Blog: 4 Reasons Why Student Veterans Should Embrace Service "Every year, The Mission Continues receives thousands of applications from veterans who are interested in joining The Mission Continues Fellowship Program. Seeking to volunteer at disaster response organizations, homeless shelters, or youth mentoring programs, these veterans are striving to better themselves and their communities. One constant theme we see each cycle is the number of applicants who are going to college or have higher education in their plan. Being a Mission Continues Fellow while in college is a perfect match for the military veteran who wants to succeed. Here’s why." New Profit is a proud funder and partner of The Mission Continues
  5. NationSwell: These Schools Are Opening Their Doors to Struggling Communities "College campuses are expanding, and it’s not due to higher acceptance rates. Rather, it’s because, more and more universities are emphasizing service as a core mission and integrating with the communities around them through service. Here are a few leading the way in neighborhood engagement."
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Take 5: "The Dos and Don'ts of Helping the Hungry" and more...

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    Here's five social innovation links we are clicking on today:
  1. New Profit Blog: The Power of Collaboration Our amazing Board Member Jeff Walker was featured in David Brooks column on the power of collaboration. Check out our latest blog post featuring the column and more.
  2. Mashable: Global Recession Worsens Outlook for Youth in Developed World "The economic decline observed in world markets since 2008, dubbed the 'Great Recession,' continues to have a negative effect on young adults' well-being, according to a recent study. UNICEF's 'Children of the Recession' report, released in September, argues that youth living in developed countries have suffered from the recession the most, and will likely suffer the consequences for the longest."
  3. Vox: 82% of Americans Want Congress to Make Student Loans Cheaper, But it's a Bad Idea "The Wall Street Journal and NBC are out with a new post-election poll, and the most popular policy idea for the next Congress is… cheaper student loans. A whopping 82 percent of survey respondents said they supported 'providing access to lower-cost student loans and providing more time to those who are paying off their debt...[but] There are better ways to make college affordable."
  4. Harvard Business Review: 5 Examples of Great Health Care Management "Here are just five examples of the dozens of innovations out there that make my head and my heart hurt. I hope they make you feel envious, too — and that you will send us your own examples so that we might learn from them as well." This article features Health Leads among other innovative organizations. New Profit is a proud funder and partner of Health Leads.
  5. NationSwell: The Dos and Don’ts of Helping the Hungry "America has a hunger problem.That’s a fact that often goes unnoticed, but at least one in seven Americans depend on meal services or food pantries to feed themselves or their families, according to a recent report from Feeding America, a hunger relief organization. While it’s natural to think about helping the hungry around the holidays, here are some ways to assist those struggling to meet their basic needs not just now, but throughout the entire year."
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The Power of Collaboration

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Collaboration - across people, teams, organizations, and sectors - is a big theme in New Profit's work to break down barriers to opportunity in America. Last week, our Founder and CEO Vanessa Kirsch published a LinkedIn column on our amazing relationship with Deloitte called "Thinking Differently About Collaboration." We heard from many friends and supporters who are doing great work of their own to build bridges and drive towards even greater impact.

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Take 5: "Preschoolers and Sleep: What Parents Should Know" and more...

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    Here's five social innovation links we are clicking on today:
  1. New Profit Blog: Statement Commending President Obama for Leadership on Social Innovation "On the occasion of Jonathan Greenblatt’s stepping down as director of the White House Office of Social Innovation and Civic Participation (SICP), New Profit and America Forward commend Jonathan, President Barack Obama, and committed partners across the Obama Administration and Congress for their efforts to catalyze new, high-impact solutions to our country’s most pressing challenges."
  2. Yahoo: Preschoolers and Sleep: What Parents Should Know "Now research, published in the journal Sleep Medicine, shows that... Just 18 percent of the nearly 250 preschoolers in the new STRONG Kids study are getting the 11 to 12 hours of nightly sleep that’s recommended by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute. On average, the 3- to 5-year-olds whose families were polled are getting just 9.6 hours of shuteye a night. And the kids getting the fewest hours of sleep? Children of mothers who work full-time, naturally."
  3. Education on Tap: Continuing To Serve - How Veterans are Shaping Education In this edition of the Teach For America podcast we hear from Spencer Kympton, president of The Mission Continues and Sidney T. Ellington, Ph.D., Director of the veterans initiative at Teach For America. Teach for America is a past New Profit portfolio organization. New Profit is a proud funder and partner of The Mission Continues.
  4. The Daily Beast: What It Takes to Fix American Education "We’re spending way too much time focusing on who is ‘winning’ and ‘losing’ debates over education, and not enough on implementing proven solutions." Jonah Edelman explores the "proven solutions" that we need to be implementing in education.
  5. BlueCross BlueShield of North Carolina: FoodCorps North Carolina: Growing Healthier Kids One Bite at a Time "What is FoodCorps? Put simply, it’s a nationwide team of AmeriCorps leaders that connects kids to real food so they can grow up healthy. FoodCorps service members in North Carolina have served with their local community partners to build 28 new school gardens across the state — and that’s in addition to teaching 30,000 kids where real food comes from and how to prepare it, and harvesting 3,200 pounds of produce together. Sure, the numbers in North Carolina and across the country are certainly impressive. But I want to tell you the real stories of students who are slowly changing their eating habits for the healthier." New Profit is a proud funder and partner of Food Corps.
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Statement Commending President Obama for Leadership on Social Innovation

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The following is a statement from Vanessa Kirsch, Founder and CEO of New Profit, and Deborah Smolover, Executive Director of America Forward and Managing Partner at New Profit.

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Take 5: "Kids Solve The Most Pressing Urban Problems With Designs You'd Never Think Up and more...

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    Here's five social innovation links we are clicking on today:
  1. New Profit Blog: Latest Edition! New Profit News: Exciting News to Share "Here’s the latest edition of New Profit News. If you’d like to join our email mailing list, please email communications@newprofit.com."
  2. Aljazeera: Tiny House Village Built With and For the Homeless Opens in Wisconsin "A community of tiny houses for the homeless opened this weekend in downtown Madison, Wisconsin — built by a coalition of homeless individuals and members of Occupy Madison, organizers told Al Jazeera...The site is the latest example of groups turning toward one-room properties to provide shelter to those who would otherwise go without, and is believed to be one of the first that has actively involved homeless individuals throughout the building process."
  3. The Washington Post: Lexington Residents Can Pay Parking Tickets With Food Donations "The Lexington Parking Authority is offering something like an amnesty for vehicular scofflaws between Nov. 17 and Dec. 19, allowing anyone with a parking ticket to pay with a donation to a local food bank. Residents can wipe their records clean with a 10-can donation to God’s Pantry Food Bank, the city announced Friday. And it’s not just current parking tickets that qualify: Residents can take advantage of the program to pay past-due tickets, too."
  4. Fast Company: Kids Solve The Most Pressing Urban Problems With Designs You'd Never Think Up "Ask a 10-year-old how to solve the problem of cleaning up trash, and you might end up with a concept like the "De-Waster 5000," a helicopter that scoops plastic out of landfills and the ocean—and then uses a solar-powered flamethrower to melt the trash into beds for homeless people. In other words, you'll get something that probably wouldn't occur to an adult designer. The De-Waster was one of the prototypes created in the Global Childrens' Designathon on November 15, which invited kids in five cities to spend a day designing solutions to improve food, waste, or mobility issues in their hometowns."
  5. Brown Alumni Association: Career Spotlight: David Flink ’02 "David Flink is a leader on the front lines of the learning rights movement. In 1998, while a student at Brown University, he co-founded Eye to Eye, which has grown into a national mentoring organization that is empowering young people with learning disabilities by pairing them with mentors who share that experience. In 2011, David was named one of the New Leaders Council’s '40 Under 40.' Most recently, David was elected to the prestigious Ashoka Fellowship. Here, he discusses how his experience at Brown helped launch his future career and how his ability to ask for help was pivotal to his success." New Profit is a proud funder and partner of Eye to Eye.
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Latest Edition! New Profit News: Exciting News to Share

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Here's the latest edition of New Profit News. If you'd like to join our email mailing list, please email communications@newprofit.com.

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Take 5: "Why We Don't Want 100% College Acceptance" and more...

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    Here's five social innovation links we are clicking on today:
  1. The Washington Post: Why Whole Foods is Moving into One of the Poorest Neighborhoods in Chicago "He imagines a shopping hub that would bring back jobs and retail dollars and basic goods that are now hard to find here. Maybe a Corner Bakery, a Gap, a Famous Dave’s barbecue chain. And in the middle of it, an anchor that would serve the function Sears once did: an 18,000-square-foot Whole Foods. The grocer, which has built its fortunes and reputation anchoring condo developments in wealthy enclaves, has never gone into a neighborhood like this. But last year, to the disbelief of many, the company announced plans to open a store in 2016 here, in one of Chicago’s most economically depressed neighborhoods."
  2. The Huffington Post: Number Of Homeless Children In America Surges To All-Time High: Report "The number of homeless children in the U.S. has surged in recent years to an all-time high, amounting to one child in every 30, according to a comprehensive state-by-state report that blames the nation's high poverty rate, the lack of affordable housing and the impacts of pervasive domestic violence."
  3. Medium: People, Not Data A look at the realities of the Food Stamps program in San Francisco and America at large. "My biggest lesson this year was that local governments are constrained. They’re constrained by a complex web of local politics, State legislation, and Federal laws. The constraints cascade downhill, as does the responsibility. Even changing a letter or sending a text message can take a herculean effort and collaboration with State and Federal stakeholders. All this can be frustrating. But that’s why I joined Code for America in the first place; to learn what it takes to solve real problems in the real world."
  4. KIPP Blog: Why We Don’t Want 100% College Acceptance "'Match Matters.' We say that a lot at KIPP. It’s something we have really come to appreciate, particularly in the last several years of helping our kids get to, and all the way through college. Research, combined with our own students’ experiences have taught us how important it is that kids choose to attend a college that is a strong match and fit for their abilities and needs—academically, socially and financially AND has a strong graduation rate." New Profit is a proud funder and partner of KIPP.
  5. The Guardian: Emotional health in childhood ‘is the key to future happiness’ "After investigating the factors in a person’s life that can best predict whether they will lead satisfied lives, a team headed by one of the UK’s foremost “happiness” experts, Professor Richard Layard, has come up with an answer that may prove controversial."
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New Profit Celebrates Women's Entrepreneurship Day!

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Take 5: "Whatever Happened to 'We, The People...'" and more...

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    Here's five social innovation links we are clicking on today:
  1. The New York Times: How Can Community Colleges Get a Piece of the Billions That Donors Give to Higher Education? "Educational institutions and services remain the second biggest beneficiaries of philanthropy in the country, after religious organizations, but little of the money flows to community colleges, the mostly public institutions that now enroll 45 percent of the country’s undergraduates, most of them poor or working-class and many of them requiring extensive remedial learning. When Gail O. Mellow became the president of LaGuardia 13 years ago, there was no mechanism in place for raising private money. 'Because of who we are and who we serve, the likelihood of one of our students becoming Bill Gates or the C.E.O. of G.E. is, I’m not going to say zero, but much, much smaller than if you were at Williams,' Dr. Mellow said recently. 'We don’t have a tradition of giving to colleges in our communities, even though these colleges are so hugely important to their local economies' — referring to the labor force they supply."
  2. Hearts on Fire: Whatever Happened to "We, The People..." "The numbers are in…and they’re shameful. In the recent midterm elections, only 36 percent of eligible Americans bothered to vote – that’s the worst turnout in 72 years. And it is just this kind of widespread apathy that motivated Scott Warren to co-found Generation Citizen in 2008 when he was a senior at Brown University." Generation Citizen is an America Forward Coalition Member.
  3. Fast Company: The Prison Coding Class That Might Have Inmates Making Six Figures On Their Release "Jones is going through a coding bootcamp, so he will soon have the skills necessary to start working on his app. But the 31-year-old has never actually used a smartphone, and his Internet experience is limited to casual web browsing. He's an inmate at California's San Quentin State Prison—incarcerated since 2006 for assault—who is participating in Code 7370, a six-month intensive computer programming class developed by The Last Mile, a nonprofit program that offers entrepreneurship training for inmates."
  4. New Classrooms Blog: Lesson Learned #2: Partnering for Student Success "New Classrooms partners with schools—traditional district-run, public charters, and independents schools—that choose to replace their traditional, textbook-based math program with Teach to One. Unlike a textbook publisher or technology vendor, we partner with schools throughout the school year, providing them with a combination of digital and live instructional content, student assessment, data analysis and reporting, operational consulting, technical support, and professional development to enable personalized learning for each student each day. Teach to One is not a product that gets dropped off at the schoolhouse door with a 10-point instruction manual. Rather, it requires serious commitment on the part of each school community to a meaningful change in how teaching happens." New Profit and a proud funder and partner of New Classrooms.
  5. The Washington Post: Your Children Deserve Better Than This, First-Grade Teachers Tell Parents "Karen Hendren and Nikki Jones are highly regarded first-grade teachers at Skelly Elementary School in Tulsa, Oklahoma. They wrote an open letter to the parents of the children in their classes that explains why they have decided not to administer a standardized test known as the MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) or student surveys that they believe violate students’ privacy."
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Take 5: "Neuroscience Improves Early Childhood Education Quality" and more...

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    Here's five social innovation links we are clicking on today:
  1. New Profit Blog: Third Sector Capital Partners, Inc. Releases Application for Social Innovation Fund Pay for Success Competition "America Forward and New Profit are partnering with Third Sector Capital Partners, a pay for success advisory firm, on their $1.9M Social Innovation Fund award to explore and expand Pay for Success across the country. Today, Third Sector launched the first of two open competitions to select sub-recipients for technical assistance and feasibility work aimed at constructing a Pay for Success initiative in the areas of youth development, economic opportunity, and healthy futures."
  2. The Huffington Post: Neuroscience Improves Early Childhood Education Quality "...a just-released study conducted by New York University researchers...tested the impact of a curriculum based on findings from neuroscience revealing that promoting executive function life skills enhances children's engagement and success in school and in life."
  3. Tech Cocktail San Francisco: Y Combinator-Backed CareMessage Raises Over $3.7 Million In First Round Of Fundraising "San Francisco-based startup CareMessage announced a series of grants that will enable the organization to bring its technology to millions of low-income patients in order to help them live healthier lives. The non-profit startup develops technology to improve healthcare delivery and management for patients in medically underserved areas of the United States through the use of mobile phones. The platform and associated disease management programs enable healthcare organizations to facilitate text and voice messaging-based outreach to promote greater patient engagement and improved self-care."
  4. The New York Times: Privacy Concerns for ClassDojo and Other Tracking Apps for Schoolchildren ClassDojo and other student tracking apps are under scrutiny by "some parents, teachers and privacy law scholars [who] say ClassDojo, along with other unproven technologies that record sensitive information about students, is being adopted without sufficiently considering the ramifications for data privacy and fairness, like where and how the data might eventually be used."
  5. Mind Shift: The MindShift Guide to Digital Games and Learning "How can games unlock a rich world of learning? This is the big question at the heart of the growing games and learning movement that’s gaining momentum in education. The MindShift Guide to Digital Games and Learning [PDF] explains key ideas in game-based learning, pedagogy, implementation, and assessment. This guide makes sense of the available research and provides suggestions for practical use."
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Third Sector Capital Partners, Inc. Releases Application for Social Innovation Fund Pay for Success Competition

Posted by America Forward on Nov 18, 2014 5:59:59 AM

Winners will receive technical assistance services from Third Sector to assess the feasibility of Pay for Success projects

 America Forward and New Profit are partnering with Third Sector Capital Partners, a pay for success advisory firm, on their $1.9M Social Innovation Fund award to explore and expand Pay for Success across the country. Today, Third Sector launched the first of two open competitions to select sub-recipients for technical assistance and feasibility work aimed at constructing a Pay for Success initiative in the areas of youth development, economic opportunity, and healthy futures.

The competition is geared toward government entities and nonprofit service providers who are seeking assistance to test the feasibility of pay for success. The competition will be open until January 16th, 2015 and there will be a series of informational webinars and readiness workshops between now and the end of the year, including one scheduled for November 21st at 12pm EST for those interested in learning more about the competition.

Over the course of the three year grant, America Forward will specifically be working on field building efforts to educate state and local policymakers on broader issues relating to Pay for Success and sharing the lessons learned from the sub-recipient competitions. In addition, Third Sector has partnered with Abt AssociatesNational Association of CountiesNational League of Cities, and National Governor’s Association to support the competition and offer expertise to government and nonprofit applicants, valued between $50,000 and $350,000. Applicants must provide at least $25,000 in match funds for the feasibility technical assistance.

For additional information on the Social Innovation Fund Awards and Third Sector’s competition, please visit:

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Take 5: "How a National Service Year Can Repair America" and more...

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    Here's five social innovation links we are clicking on today:
  1. New Profit Blog: New Profit and Deloitte Announce Continuation of Groundbreaking Collaboration "Today, New Profit and Deloitte announced the continuation of a groundbreaking, multi-million dollar annual collaboration that has helped nearly 50 innovative nonprofits achieve scale and greater impact over the last 15 years."
  2. NPR: Common Core Reading: Difficult, Dahl, Repeat As part of a series on the changes brought on by a common core curriculum, Cory Turner provides look at a day in the life of a common core reading class "a doubling-down on evidence-based reading, writing and speaking; increased use of nonfiction; and a big push to get kids reading more 'complex texts.'"
  3. NPR: Why These Kids Love Kale NPR takes a look at a group of young students who can't get enough Kale. "Why so crazy for kale? The answer, in a word, is FoodPrints. The program was founded in 2005 by Bernadine 'Bernie' Prince, the co-executive director of a local nonprofit called FRESHFARM Markets. The goal, she says, was to help kids take better care of the land and their bodies. FoodPrints is now part of the curriculum in five area schools, each of which has its own garden tended, in part, by students. Roughly once a month, kids head to the garden for a lesson."
  4. Bloomberg: What It's Like to Be Black or Female in Silicon Valley Minorities in the tech world can face unique obstacles due to their minority status but are encouraged not to discuss this problem, often hearing advice like what "Lloyd Carney always gives to newcomers.'I tell women and people of color directly, ‘Don’t you dare advocate for diversity,' says Carney, who’s 52, black and chief executive officer of Brocade Communications Systems Inc. 'Your career would be over'...The diversity issue [in silicon valley] is being dissected and debated as never before, and industry leaders have been broadcasting their dedication to making pluralism a priority. Tim Cook was Apple Inc. (AAPL)’s CEO for three years before coming out as gay two weeks ago. Microsoft Corp. CEO Satya Nadella fanned the discussion last month when he suggested women not ask for raises. The men and women solving the problem -- by getting hired and promoted -- can be the least comfortable talking about it."
  5. The Washington Post: How a National Service Year Can Repair America "Citizenship is like a muscle that can atrophy from too little use; if we want to strengthen it, we need to exercise it. We need to support leaders who ask more of us and not those who simply promise us more. We need candidates who will cross the aisle in support of a big idea for renewed citizenship. Two years from now, the United States needs to have an election — and a corresponding public campaign — that asks more from us as citizens. As someone who spent 34 years in the military, I have no interest in partisan politics. But informed by my service, I am concerned about a dangerous gap I see in American life: a gap of shared experience, common purpose and gratitude. So today I’m calling on voters, donors and future candidates to work together to make a 'service year' a common expectation and opportunity for all 18- to 28-year-old Americans."
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Reuters: New Profit Adds Greylock Chairman Emeritus [Henry McCance] to Board

Posted by Sarah Duarte on Nov 17, 2014 1:30:59 PM

"New Profit has appointed Henry McCance, chairman emeritus of Greylock Partners, to its board of directors."

Read full article here.

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New Profit and Deloitte Announce Continuation of Groundbreaking Collaboration

Posted by Admin on Nov 17, 2014 11:31:41 AM

Today, New Profit and Deloitte announced the continuation of a groundbreaking, multi-million dollar annual collaboration that has helped nearly 50 innovative nonprofits achieve scale and greater impact over the last 15 years.

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Take 5: "She's America's Youngest Female Billionaire - and a Dropout" and more...

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    Here's five social innovation links we are clicking on today:
  1. The Baltimore Sun: Connecting City Kids to Health Care Careers "Baltimore is known for its world-class hospitals, medical schools and research laboratories. What if, I thought to myself, we could capitalize on the city's existing resources and create partnerships to support students like Trevor on the path to graduate school and to pursue careers in health care? We could change their academic trajectories. In turn, they could come back to their communities and ensure that everyone has access to health care. We could transform Baltimore's high school students into health care leaders." Tyler Mains, founder of Merit Baltimore and TFA alumni, writes about connecting students to health care careers. Teach For America is a past New Profit portfolio organization.
  2. The Washington Post: How Teacher Hiring Puts Black and Hispanic Kids at a Disadvantage "A Los Angeles judge outraged educators around the country this summer when he threw out California's law granting schoolteachers tenure, ruling that it kept incompetent teachers in classrooms with minority students. What teachers saw as a simple reward for difficult and important work had been declared, in essence, a law with disturbing racial impacts. Now, a new working paper suggests that schools in Los Angeles often wind up putting children of color in classrooms with teachers who have less skill and experience than those who teach their white classmates."
  3. College Advising Corps Blog: Advisers Draw Inspiration from Mellody Hobson, Peter T. Grauer, and Political Leaders at Summit "College Advising Corps’ Adviser Summit is a highlight of the year, in part, because advisers have the opportunity to hear from high-profile speakers and thought-leaders. This year’s Summit included remarks and reflections from a range of speakers, including" Mellody Hobon, Peter T. Grauer, and Political Leaders. New Profit is a proud funder and partner of College Advising Corps.
  4. The Huffington Post: Dyslexia Action: Denied and Delayed "Students can only achieve their potential when they get the skills and accommodations they need to thrive. Despite everything we know about dyslexia through research and science, too many children are denied screening for the condition, and many more, once diagnosed, are denied the services that should accompany such a diagnosis. Usually the school's reason for denial, either implicitly or explicitly, points to the limited resources (financial or expertise) of the child's school or district. But that is not the whole picture."
  5. CNN: She's America's Youngest Female Billionaire - and a Dropout "America's youngest self-made female billionaire is 30 years old and a college dropout. The company she founded has the potential to change health care for millions of Americans."
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"Smart Growth" Playbook: Single Stop

Posted by Admin on Nov 14, 2014 1:00:27 PM

Lisa Jackson, Ph.D. is a Senior Adviser to New Profit, and member of the Single Stop Board of Directors. This blog is part of a series on the concept of “Smart Growth” to drive greater impact on our biggest social challenges.

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Take 5: "Don't Ask How to Feed the 9 Billion" and more...

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    Here's five social innovation links we are clicking on today:
  1. Yes Magazine: Empathy Heroes: 5 People Who Changed the World By Taking Compassion to the Extreme "Ever heard of 'empathy marketing'? It’s the latest business buzzword. The idea is that if companies can look through their clients’ eyes and understand their desires, they will be better able to tailor their offerings and gain a competitive advantage. To me, this is stepping into someone else’s shoes just to sell them another pair. I believe that the best use of empathy is not in the commercial world but in the social one, where it allows us to challenge prejudices and create political change. And if you look through history, there are some extraordinary figures who have harnessed this power by engaging in what I think of as 'experiential empathy.'This is where you don’t just imagine someone else’s life (a practice technically known as “cognitive empathy”) but try to live it yourself, doing the things they do, living in the places where they live, and knowing the people they know." Click here to see a list of historical figures who have practiced "experiential empathy."
  2. Slate: A Typeface Designed to Help Dyslexics Read "Dutch designer Christian Boer created a dyslexic-friendly font to make reading easier for dyslexics like himself."
  3. The New York Times: Don’t Ask How to Feed the 9 Billion Mark Bittman writes about "debunking the idea that we need to grow more food on a large scale so we can 'feed the nine billion'"
  4. Getting Smart: 100 Schools Worth Visiting "School visits are a great way to learn and key to developing an innovation mindset. Based on a couple thousand school visits and with help from colleagues and readers, we’ve compiled a list of 100 schools worth visits. Far from exhaustive, our list includes schools that achieve extraordinary results, create powerful learning experiences, and/or have created innovative technology blends."
  5. WNYC School Book: NYC Pre-K Enrollment Exceeds De Blasio's Target "New York City hit its target for pre-kindergarten enrollment, with 53,230 children signed up for pre-kindergarten programs across the city this fall. The pre-k expansion has been de Blasio’s signature initiative, and he set the goal of enrolling more than 53,000 students this year. Meeting the goal may boost his effort to expand the pre-k program even more next year, to serve about 73,000 four-year-olds."
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Take 5: "Transforming Government Funding to Drive Impact" and more...

Posted by Admin on Nov 12, 2014 4:38:26 PM
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Three Visionary Leaders Join New Profit's Board of Directors

Posted by Vanessa Kirsch on Nov 12, 2014 10:07:06 AM

We are excited to announce that three new members have joined New Profit’s Board of Directors: David Harris, Provost and Senior Vice President at Tufts University; Henry McCance, Chairman Emeritus of Greylock Partners; and Kristin Mugford, Senior Lecturer at Harvard Business School  (See below for full bios).

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Amazing Opportunity for Social Entrepreneurs from Deloitte

Posted by Addie Chamberlain on Nov 11, 2014 2:04:07 PM

New Profit has had a long, collaborative relationship with Deloitte and we'll have an exciting announcement to make on that front next week. In the meantime, we wanted to highlight a great new competition Deloitte is running to "recognize an education organization that is leveraging technology innovatively to drive specific education outcomes for K-12 students, such as reading / math proficiency, on-time graduation rates, and college readiness."

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Take 5: "To all of America's veterans, today and always, thank you for your service"

Posted by Admin on Nov 11, 2014 1:17:04 PM
    Today's Take 5 has been increased to a Take 10 in honor of all the amazing veterans and their stories that we feel need to be shared.
  1. CNN: 5 Ways to Honor Veterans Beyond Veterans Day "Tuesday is Veterans Day, and there will be speeches and parades. 'Thank you for your service,' the phrase that's come to define how America expresses gratitude for its men and women in uniform, will be said, a lot. But what does a holiday -- a single day -- really mean to the 19.6 million veterans it's meant to honor? CNN asked a few of them. Their answer: Go beyond the holiday."
  2. The Mission Continues Blog: Seven Years After Returning from Iraq, I’m Finally Home U.S. Army veteran Chris Miller reflects on his military service, his return home, and "find[ing] a new purpose in community service." "Veterans Day should be more than parades and free meals. It’s about a commitment to serve long after leaving the military, and improving the communities we have rejoined. I spent a lot of time thinking about home during my deployments. Now I’m finally here, ready to report for duty again. So let’s get to work."
  3. The Huffington Post: These Are The Questions Veterans Are Tired Of Hearing "Common misperceptions about men and women in uniform can have harmful effects -- just ask a vet. Judging from a 2012 survey by veterans advocacy group The Mission Continues, civilians have a lot to learn about those who've served in the armed forces. Civilians, for example, believe many more young vets have post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and abuse drugs and alcohol than actually do, and also perceive vets as less educated (which couldn't be further from the truth). So it may not be surprising that vets get asked insensitive, ignorant and flat-out ridiculous questions from time to time. HuffPost Impact teamed up with Got Your 6, a nationwide campaign advocating on behalf of veterans, and asked those who've served in the the military, 'What's the one question you wish people would stop asking you?'"
  4. Time: #TIMEVets A list of stories compiled by Time Magazine gives insight into the lives of U.S. Veterans.
  5. The Huffington Post: "Why Do I Serve" Another in a series of Veteran interviews conducted by Rich Polt. See the others here and spotlighted in yesterday's New Profit Take 5.
  6. U.S.News: 7 Ways to Honor a Vet on Veterans Day "Today is Veterans Day, a day when Americans celebrate the brave men and women who have served in our nation’s armed forces. Yet, for many of us, the day passes without the direct opportunity to honor our veterans, or the opportunity involves opening our wallets wide at a moment when it’s difficult to do so. Here are seven things you can do today to honor a veteran. Opening your heart and giving a bit of your time is all that is required."
  7. The New York Times: On Veterans Day, Tales of Heroism and Loss "The descendants of veterans of World War I share their efforts, 100 years after the start of the Great War, to confirm family lore and verify accounts of battlefield exploits."
  8. Fox News: Veterans Day: Let's Thank Our Veterans by Standing With Their Families "Over the past several years, over 2 million veterans from the post-9/11 generation have returned to civilian life and our communities. Many faced the immense stress of combat in Afghanistan and Iraq. Our nation owes them enormous gratitude, which we must demonstrate in far more than words or symbols. Our veterans deserve the opportunity for personal and professional success long after their military service."
  9. Forbes: 14 Ways To Show Your Thanks To Our Military On Veterans Day "I’ve noted before that it’s easy to think that we know what being in the military is really like. The news makes it feel like it’s all about the scary stuff: land mines, gunfire and enemy combatants. But sometimes the toughest parts aren’t the life-threatening moments, they are the life-altering ones. The missed birthdays. Graduation. First steps. First touchdown. Illnesses. Bad news. Good news. Spelling bees and science fairs. Prom. I have learned a lot about duty, leadership and honor from my brothers and their service for this country. They’ve sacrificed a lot to keep me – and you – safe. And those that love them, they’ve sacrificed a great deal, too...So, how you can you help? There are a number of ways you can help a veteran and/or active service member – and many of them carry a tax benefit. Here are 14 ways (updated from 2013) that you can say thanks."
  10. New Profit Blog: Honoring The Mission Continues on Veterans Day "In honor of Veterans Day, we’re spotlighting the important and inspirational work of one of our portfolio organizations, The Mission Continues...We strongly believe that The Mission Continues’ unique philosophy to regard veterans as assets and challenge them to continue serving in their communities not only helps the veterans in their program effectively reintegrate into civilian society, but also powerfully transforms the opportunities and trajectories for all returning veterans, thereby improving opportunity and infrastructure in America."
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Honoring The Mission Continues on Veterans Day

Posted by Admin on Nov 11, 2014 10:24:41 AM

In honor of Veterans Day, we're spotlighting the important and inspirational work of one of our portfolio organizations, The Mission Continues.

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Take 5: "Five Great Teachers On What Makes A Great Teacher" and more...

Posted by Admin on Nov 10, 2014 11:24:57 AM
    Here's five social innovation links we are clicking on today:
  1. PwC: Changing Lives "The issues facing our society are complex. They are challenges that span across communities, both in the U.S. and abroad, and impact the lives of so many people. At PwC, we are focused on our role in solving these important problems with solutions that encourage growth, transform communities and change lives. Explore these stories to learn more." Includes "Eli's Story" - one of five Peace First Prize winners. New Profit is a proud funder and partner of Peace First.
  2. The Huffington Post: "Why Do I Serve? Because This is My Home and These are My People." "Thanks to my friends at the The Mission Continues, I was given access to their nationwide community of 3,000+ veterans. Ultimately, I selected three people who moved me not because of something spectacular that they've accomplished, rather because of how normal and accessible they were. These are people who struggle with day-to-day living just as you or I might, yet they draw from their military experience and continue to lead a live of purpose and giving back. What better way to honor them and their brethren on Veterans Day then by sharing their stories." New Profit is a proud funder and partner of The Misson Continues.
  3. NPR: Pythagoras' iPhone: Is Listening A Lost Classroom Art? "Listen and learn, the saying goes. But are students and teachers these days fully listening to each other? What, exactly, is good listening, and why does it matter when it comes to learning? Is 'close listening' a doorway to understanding that too many of us are keeping only half open?"
  4. The Huffington Post: 10 States Where Poverty Is Worse Than You Think "The U.S. federal poverty line has been determined using the same general framework since the mid-1960s. In that time, the official measure has come under criticism as an inadequate way to measure the number of people truly in need. In 1995, a National Academy of Sciences panel made recommendations for how an alternative poverty measure could be developed. Since then, the Census Bureau has worked in partnership with the Bureau of Labor Statistics to further these recommendations. The result was the supplemental poverty measure, which produces state level poverty rates that differ considerably from the official poverty measures." Click here to see the list of the 10 states with the highest rates of poverty, they may surprise you.
  5. NPR: Five Great Teachers On What Makes A Great Teacher "When we began our 50 Great Teachers series, we set out to find great teachers and tell their stories. But we'll also be exploring over the coming year questions about what it means for a teacher to be great, and how they get that way. To get us started, we gathered an expert roundtable of educators who've also done a lot of thinking about teaching. Combined, these teachers are drawing on over 150 years of classroom experience."
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Take 5: "Should Schools Train Teachers Like Designers? One CEO is Convinced" and more...

Posted by Admin on Nov 7, 2014 1:55:46 PM
    Here's five social innovation links we are clicking on today:
  1. The Washington Post: Two New Studies Show Charter Schools Can Work — If You Give Them Time "The argument for charter schools has always been based on the theory that competition is good. When teachers and principals have a chance to try new ideas, the most successful approaches will attract more students. The problem is that those ideas have been slow in coming. Much of the research suggests that students in charter schools don't do quite as well as their peers in district schools. Now, data from two new studies suggest the premise behind charter schools is sound -- it is [sic] takes a lot longer to work than anybody expected. Eventually, ineffective schools in the charter sector close, while the best ones remain open, which suggests that students in these schools will do better over time as schools discover improved ways of teaching."
  2. The Mission Continues Blog: Veteran Leaders on the Move for the First #ServiceSummit "When patriots gathered in Boston Harbor to protest taxation without representation, they set out against the unknown to change their conditions for a better future. Nearly 50 platoon and squad leaders from The Mission Continues will carry that same spirit this weekend as we kick off the first annual Service Platoon Summit, hosted by Harvard’s Kennedy School." New Profit is a proud funder and partner of The Mission Continues.
  3. The Huffington Post: Technology Is Bringing Back the Apprenticeship Model. It Just Has a Different Name - Mentoring "We put together a graphic in an attempt to make sense of the mentoring organizations (particularly in STEM) that we bump into frequently. We wanted to compile best practices, lessons learned, latest research stats from these organizations and tease out patterns and recommendations for the field." This article provides a list of organizations, working in this field, divided by a variety of characteristics, including a shout out to iMentor's methods of "support[ing] one-to-one mentoring relationships." New Profit is a proud funder and partner of iMentor.
  4. EdSurge: Should Schools Train Teachers Like Designers? One CEO is Convinced "Amy is the Founder and CEO of TrueSchool Studio--a year-old upstart headquartered in New Orleans that uses research and design best practices to help schools around the country impact student outcomes. Her company has a bold theory of change: If schools and school leaders approached their problems like members of the design community, they arrive at solutions in a quicker, more cost-effective, more communal way."
  5. Heartland: Study: KIPP Schools Raise Achievement, Don’t Skim Best Students "Critics of KIPP, however, have attributed high achievement to a student body primed for success from the start and impact data that doesn’t account for attrition rates. A new and rigorous study proves otherwise. KIPP, in fact, produces excellent results with the same or lower-performing students as traditional public schools and similar attrition rates." New Profit is a proud funder and partner of KIPP.
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Ready, Set, Accelerate! 7 Women Social Entrepreneurs Gather At New Profit

Posted by Admin on Nov 6, 2014 3:02:38 PM

Yesterday, New Profit offices were buzzing with activity and excitement. Seven amazing social entrepreneurs, all women, who are a part of the New Profit Accelerator, gathered together as a cohort for the first time, joined by New profit staff, as well as Sarah Peter, the donor sponsoring the program. These are passionate, driven women, eager to achieve full-scale impact on the critical levers of opportunity each addresses in their work. Discussions were rich and inspiring and set terrific expectations and challenges for what we hope to tackle as a group over the next year.

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Take 5: "Strength in Storytelling" and more...

Posted by Admin on Nov 6, 2014 11:51:41 AM
    Here's five social innovation links we are clicking on today:
  1. The Huffington Post: A Commitment to Making College Accessible to First-Generation College Students Anne E. Huot, President of Keene State College, writes about one of her main goals: "to make an education at Keene State College accessible to a wide variety of potential students who exhibit the drive, dedication and perseverance to earn a college-level education." With a focus on first generation students, Huot shows the obstacles students face and profiles organizations and tactics that may be utilized to help them.
  2. Opportunity Nation: How Starbucks’ Solutions City Shows the Importance of Leading on Youth Employment "In five cities across the country, including Baltimore, Starbucks is promoting cross-sector collaboration on the issue of youth employment. Given that partnerships among likely and unlikely allies is what Opportunity Nation is all about, I was proud to represent us at the gathering on October 21. We are also proud to have coalition partners like Youth Opportunity Baltimore who are working everyday to get young people on a career path, as we profiled in our WIOA in Action series."
  3. The Chronicle of Philanthropy: Strength in Storytelling "In an era of big data, many nonprofits return to the ancient art of connecting on an individual level. Health Leads, a Boston charity that recruits college-student volunteers to help low-income people connect with social services, can boast some terrific numbers. More than 4,000 volunteers have helped tens of thousands of people address urgent needs—like paying fuel bills, finding food banks, and seeking shelter from domestic abuse. But when Rebecca Onie, the chief executive, speaks about the program at health conferences, she often focuses more on the details of people’s stories than the data. She describes a young asthma sufferer in substandard housing who wakes up covered in cockroaches. She puts listeners in the shoes of a homeless man who lost his apartment when he had to choose between paying rent and buying his HIV medicine." New Profit is a proud funder and partner of Health Leads.
  4. Education News: Can the Universal College Application Rival the Common App? Last year, many applicants faced technical difficulties with the Common Application website. In response some universities to turning to an alternative: the Universal College Application.
  5. The Huffington Post: The American Dream Can Only Be Fulfilled If Our Top Students Have the Opportunity to Attend Our Top Colleges "Today, 70 percent of students at the country's most competitive colleges -- which graduate students at the highest rates -- come from families with incomes in the top 25 percent. Only 6 percent of students who grow up poor attend a leading school. Those are damning statistics for a country that prides itself on being a meritocracy, where young people with drive and ability can rise to the top, regardless of their family's income...The problem is not that poor and middle-income students lack the credentials to gain acceptance at top schools; many are highly-qualified. But they are not applying for a myriad of reasons -- starting with sticker shock...This week, Bloomberg Philanthropies is setting a new national goal: Increasing the percentage of high-achieving, low- and moderate-income students who attend top colleges from approximately one-third to one-half in just four years. To help reach that goal, we are launching a new initiative that aims to help as many as 65,000 of these students find a school that matches their abilities."
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Three New Profit Portfolio Organizations in Skoll Social Entrepreneur Challenge

Posted by Admin on Nov 5, 2014 3:14:48 PM

Three New Profit portfolio organizations—two current and one past—are participants in the 2014 Skoll Social Entrepreneurs Challenge. As part of a crowdfunding effort, the Skoll Foundation is contributing up to $2M to the participating organizations - for every $500,000 that the crowdfunding community raises, Skoll will contribute $250,000.

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Take 5: "Moving Student Photos Document School-To-Prison Pipeline" and more...

Posted by Admin on Nov 5, 2014 1:33:36 PM
    Here's five social innovation links we are clicking on today:
  1. Big Think: How Higher Education Can Improve Economic Mobility in the United States "Imagine if a century ago free access to a high school education in the United States had been available only to the wealthiest families. Imagine, further, that anybody else who had chosen to enter high school could have made this choice only if they had been willing to take on crushing debt and risk not finding a job when high school was finished. If these had been the conditions restricting access to what was then a fundamental education, what would the US economy and our democracy be like today, 100 years later? More than mere historical speculation, this question is now one about our future."
  2. The Washington Post: The Stark Difference Between What Poor Babies and Rich Babies Eat "The difference between what the rich and poor eat in America begins long before a baby can walk, or even crawl. A team of researchers at the University at Buffalo School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences found considerable differences in the solid foods babies from different socioeconomic classes were being fed. Specifically, diets high in sugar and fat were found to be associated with less educated mothers and poorer households, while diets that more closely followed infant feeding guidelines were linked to higher education and bigger bank accounts."
  3. The Huffington Post: Moving Student Photos Document School-To-Prison Pipeline "In Washington, D.C.'s public schools, African-American students are almost six times as likely to be suspended or expelled as their white classmates. Students with disabilities are also disciplined at higher rates than their peers. But a group of local students is hoping to use their artwork to change that. Students participating in a program with the nonprofit group Critical Exposure contend that disciplinary practices in the District's public schools contribute to the school-to-prison pipeline, which pushes minority and vulnerable students out of school and into the penal system. For the past two years, Critical Exposure has brought students together to document the problems in their school district through more than just data and numbers. The students use photography and multimedia projects to depict the difficulty their peers face in finishing school as a result of tough disciplinary policies."
  4. Mind Shift: How Standing Desks Can Help Students Focus in the Classroom "The rise of the standing desk may appear to be a response to the modern, eat-at-your-desk, hunched-over worker chained to her computer, but history paints a different picture: Hemingway, Benjamin Franklin, and Thomas Jefferson all stood while they worked. Donald Rumsfeld had a standing desk, and so did Charles Dickens. Workplaces are moving toward more standing desks, but schools have been slower to catch on for a variety of reasons, including cost, convenience, and perhaps the assumption that 'sit down and pay attention' is the best way to learn."
  5. Education Week: Education and the 2014 Election: A Guide to Key Races "Education is front and center in dozens of federal, state, and local contests in this pivotal midterm election year, with issues such as K-12 funding, teacher collective bargaining rights, and the growing role of the charter sector roiling the campaign landscape. In all, 36 governorships are up for grabs, along with control of 46 state legislatures, seven state schools chiefs’ spots, and nine state school boards. And with control of the U.S. Senate hinging on the outcome in a few key showdowns—including North Carolina’s expensive battle, where education is a marquee topic—the Nov. 4 results could set the policy template for years to come." This helpful guide shows how each race may impact education policy.
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Take 5: "The Random Events That Sparked 8 of the World's Biggest Startups" and more...

Posted by Admin on Nov 4, 2014 12:55:19 PM
    Here's five social innovation links we are clicking on today:
  1. ABC News: New Study Finds Dads Need to Step Up the Baby Talk "Moms and dads interact differently with their babies when it comes to stimulating speech development, study finds." Talking to children during infancy can greatly improve speech development, Dr. Richard Besser encourages parents, especially fathers, to increase interaction with infants.
  2. Open Circle: Open Circle’s “Top 25” List of Children’s Literature that Connects to Social and Emotional Learning "For 25 years, Open Circle has been helping children acquire the skills they need to build and maintain positive relationships. For many of those years, teachers have turned to children’s literature to deepen children’s understanding of themselves and others. On the occasion of Open Circle’s 25th anniversary, we offer our “Top 25” children’s books that connect to social and emotional learning. Of the countless books that teachers use to shed light on such issues as friendship, inclusion, empathy, problem solving, or understanding differences, some titles stand out for being especially authentic and memorable. C.S. Lewis says, “We read to know we are not alone.” Like good friends, the books on this list are potential sources of comfort, validation, laughter, surprises, and new perspectives for children."
  3. Fast Company: The Random Events That Sparked 8 of the World's Biggest Startups "Light-bulb moments don’t happen on command, and brainstorming sessions rarely produce extraordinary results. More often it’s a random remark, event, or memory that sends an entrepreneur down the rabbit hole of innovation. From Airbnb to Yelp, here are the surprising origin stories to eight of today’s hottest companies"
  4. The New York Times: De Blasio Unveils New Plans for Troubled Schools in New York "In the packed auditorium of an East Harlem high school, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced a new approach to fixing New York City’s most troubled public schools on Monday, offering them more money and staffing, extending the length of their day, and arranging for social services to be delivered to students and families on site."
  5. Education Week: State Initiatives Widen Reach of ACT, SAT Tests "Nevada and Missouri next spring will join a rapidly growing number of states that are shelling out money for every 11th grader in public high school to take the ACT or SAT college-entrance exams. Nearly half of states—and individual school districts in most others—have contracted with the nation's two biggest college-testing programs for some form of wide-scale administration in high school so that no student will have an excuse for passing up the opportunity to take one of the tests."
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Latest Issue: New Profit Career Catalyst

Posted by Admin on Nov 4, 2014 10:36:56 AM

Know of early career professionals, undergraduate students or graduate students interested in social enterprise and systemic social change? Each month, New Profit publishes a newsletter about current and upcoming opportunities with New Profit, our portfolio organizations, and other affiliated organizations in the social innovation sector.

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Take 5: "A Natural Fix for A.D.H.D." and more...

Posted by Admin on Nov 3, 2014 11:58:14 AM
    Here's five social innovation links we are clicking on today:
  1. The New York Times: A Natural Fix for A.D.H.D. "Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is now the most prevalent psychiatric illness of young people in America, affecting 11 percent of them at some point between the ages of 4 and 17. The rates of both diagnosis and treatment have increased so much in the past decade that you may wonder whether something that affects so many people can really be a disease... people with A.D.H.D. may not have a disease, so much as a set of behavioral traits that don’t match the expectations of our contemporary culture."
  2. Education on Tap: Dr. Richard Ingersoll on The Transformation of The Teaching Force This edition of Education on Tap, a podcast brought to you by Teach For America, focuses on how "The country's teaching force is changing...University of Pennsylvania professor, education researcher, and former high school teacher himself, Dr. Richard Ingersoll joins the show to shed some light on seven trends across the profession." Teach For America is a past New Profit portfolio organization.
  3. The Huffington Post: Vet Homelessness Drops As 2015 Deadline For Ending Issue Nears: Report "The number of veterans living on the streets is on the decline -- a welcome update considering that the Department of Veterans Affairs' deadline to end vet homelessness is fast approaching."
  4. California Farm to School Network: The Brave Little Taster "'Raise your hand if you’ve never had a green grape before?,' I asked the second graders. In an instant, nearly half of them had their hands raised. Wow was the first thought that came to mind, but it was quickly washed away with an epiphany – I am in the perfect position to make a difference in my community as a FoodCorps service member at San DiegoUnified School District (SDUSD)." Ashley Marquez, a new FoodCorps service member, writes about her experience so far. New Profit is a proud funder and partner of FoodCorps.
  5. Denver Business Journal: Viewpoint: Why Using Social Impact Bonds to Push For Success is a Good Idea "There's a new approach catching on across the country. From Massachusetts to South Carolina to Oregon and even right here in Colorado, government entities are beginning to use social impact bonds to help increase accountability, save taxpayer dollars, and engage creatively with the private sector to find innovative ways to provide more effective services."
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