We chose the 2016 Gathering of Leaders last week to make an announcement we've been excited about for a long time: the launch of a podcast called Jump at the Sun with Tulaine Montgomery that will highlight incredible voices from across our network. Check out this video to see our host, Tulaine, announcing the podcast and explaining where we got them name from.

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"Mama exhorted her children at every opportunity to 'jump at the sun.' We might not land on the sun, but at least we would get off the ground."

-Zora Neale Hurston

Jump at the Sun is a podcast featuring storytelling sessions with daring and reflective everyday people - social entrepreneurs, artists, advocates and community members who relentlessly pursue equity and advance opportunity in a challenging and changing America.

These leaders are the principled contrarians and problem solvers that we need right now. Their optimism stands up to the prevailing winds of negativity blowing through the media and politics. Their energy is a counterweight to inertia and lack of trust in America’s public and private institutions. Their inclusiveness represents a stark moral contrast to the exclusion and divisiveness that permeates many facets of our society. Their lived experiences speak to the strengths, needs and aspirations of underserved communities with authenticity that is so often missing in public dialogue today. These leaders are resilient, creative, sometimes sure, sometimes fearful - but always willing to work on behalf of a stronger, more connected and equitable society.

And the solutions they have on the table are real.

Jump at the Sun’s host and executive producer, Tulaine Montgomery, is an accomplished social entrepreneur, educator, community organizer, and writer. She has played central leadership roles in the launch and expansion of several schools and mission-driven organizations domestically and internationally. She is currently a Managing Partner at New Profit, a national venture philanthropy fund, and formerly held leadership roles at New Resource Strategies, United Way Massachusetts Bay & Merrimack Valley, Citizen Schools, and YouthBuild USA. Tulaine received a master's degree in Public Policy from Tufts University and earned her B.A. from Smith College in Northampton, MA. She is an accomplished cellist and writer, having written and produced four original plays.

Her Jump at the Sun co-producers are Sarah Duarte and Katelyn Kennedy.


Our first three episodes include conversations with amazing innovators from various sectors of the social impact field. Click the play buttons below to hear each episode:

Episode 1: The Power of Possibility - Featuring New Profit Founder & CEO Vanessa Kirsch and Grammy Award winning artist John Legend.

Long JL

Long VK

Episode 2: Designing Solutions through Ensembles & Networks - Featuring New Profit Board Chair Jeff Walker.

Long JW

Episode 3: Measuring the Distance Traveled: The Urgent Business Case for Equity - Featuring Kapor Center for Social Impact Partner Freada Kapor Klein.

Long FKK

Click here to listen to all three episodes and follow us on twitter at @JATSPodcast for future updates!