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May 23, 2014

Think you know the reasons that kids leave school prior to graduation? You may not know the whole story. Watch and share this powerful video from GradNation, an initiative of America's Promise Alliance.

"The past decade has seen impressive growth in and commitment to helping more students graduate, fueled in part by a growing body of research on barriers. What has been missing from the current research, however, is a vibrant portrait of young people’s experiences gathered and reported in a way that deepens the national conversation about why some young people are still failing to graduate despite historic advances in graduation rates."

For more on the video and the studies related to it, visit

America's Promise Alliance is a member of the America Forward Coalition, a network of innovative, impact-oriented organizations, working in every state and serving more than 1,000 communities nationwide, dedicated to driving systemic change in education, early childhood, workforce development, and healthy communities. America Forward is a nonpartisan initiative of New Profit Inc.


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