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August 8, 2014

new profit pinterest

It's Friday. It's summer. You're at work. Are your fingers wandering on the keyboard to some non-work-related items? Perhaps you're prone to wandering over to the highly addictive site, Pinterest?

Fear not friends! We've got a new way for you to incorporate work, or at least inspiration for social impact, into your Pinterest browsing experience. Thanks to our intern Donveyea Watson, we have set up Pinterest boards with some items that may be of interest to our networks!

You can see all our boards by visiting

Currently we have boards for:

Here's where we need your help! What other boards would you like to see? What else should be pinned? What else would you add to the Quotes of Note? Movies & TV? Social Innovation Reads? Let us know here in the comments or by using the "Send" feature.

Happy pinning!


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