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April 14, 2015

RISE: Defining A New Collective Destination
What does it mean to be on a path to opportunity in the U.S. today? Do the systems, strategies, and organizations we're creating, with the intention of increasing access to opportunity, express sufficiently acute insights into what it will really take to succeed? What are we learning about the ways that race and class wind through these pathways from people who have cracked the code themselves? How is technology closing - and widening - gaps? And how do each of us fit into this story?

These questions were discussed at the Gathering of Leaders by a panel that included Maria Teresa Kumar, President & CEO of Voto Latino; Allen Blue, Co-Funder of LinkedIn; and John Rice, Co-Founder & CEO of MLT. Scroll down to see some of the ideas that were sparked by this conversation during the Gathering and tell us what you think on Twitter (@NewProfit).

This is the second installment of the series - #NPGathering15: Rewinding to Keep the Conversation Going - click here to view part one.


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