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December 22, 2015

Amazing work is being done in the New Profit community every day! Here are some recent highlights from our game changing organizations, partners, and friends.


  • Flipping the way we think about assessments "This is how I used to use assessments: I’d start by looking at the numbers on a data report, and ask myself, 'What does the data reveal?' Over time, I’ve realized that this 'data first' approach to assessment suppresses important conversations in so many schools. When districts and schools begin meetings with the output of the assessment—the data—they miss the chance to use the assessment to deepen their understanding of the standards. A focus on green, yellow, and red rankings on data reports too often discourages honest, reflective, and vulnerable conversations—which are essential for a healthy adult learning culture."


Educators 4 Excellence:

  • Top 9 reasons why the Every Student Succeeds Act is good for both teachers and students "On Wednesday, the House overwhelmingly passed the Every Student Succeeds Act, a bill that will reauthorize the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), our nation’s primary federal PreK-12 education law. As part of a team of Educators 4 Excellence teachers who spelled out priorities for a rewrite of the law in a memo earlier this fall and shared them with our Congressional leaders, I’m pleased to see that many parts of this bill have the potential to positively impact classrooms."
  • E4E Teachers Talk Back: Kadyn Velez "Kadyn Velez is a eight-year District 75 7th and 8th grade special education teacher at P369K in the downtown area of Brooklyn, NY. In this conversation with E4E-New York Outreach Director Genesis Tramaine Frederick, she shares her experience as a New York educator."


  • The Unseen Mobility of the Working Poor Mauricio Lim Miller, founder and CEO of FII, on the reality of mobility. “The words ‘stuck’ or even ‘in poverty’ are telling us a false story. Researchers and policy advocates would be more accurate to say ’45 million people cycled in and out of poverty at some point last year’. And that most worked with incredible determination to return to washing our dishes and caring for our lawns. By doing so, they bought clothes and tools and fed tax dollars into our local and state economies. The country would then see that those at the bottom of our economic ladder do strive, dissolving stereotypes of the poor that feed racial and class-based distrust and resentment. With the real story before us, we should look at solutions, not to get the poor out of poverty — they’re already doing that — but to help them rebuild our middle class.”


  • Growing Kids’ Appetites for Healthy Food “This enthusiasm for healthy eating is not the norm in many parts of the United States. But at STAR School, students are quick to talk to you about their love of vegetables and the most eager kids have to be reminded not to eat produce straight out of the ground. This is the direct result of STAR School’s relentless commitment to food education—and a key ingredient in that success is FoodCorps.”

Health Leads:

  • Guest commentary: Health Leads helps clinic deliver the care patients really need "A few years ago, we surveyed 250 of our patients about their most pressing health problems. We expected to hear about asthma, diabetes and other chronic illnesses that are common in Contra Costa County. But those didn't even rank in the top five. Instead, patients listed food, housing, employment and paying the electricity bill as their top health concerns. Nearly two-thirds said they worried about getting enough to eat. More than half considered housing insecurity a major health concern affecting them."


  • A Mentor, a Role Model, a Friend "I had no idea what to expect when I learned I would be matched with a mentor during my freshman year of high school through iMentor. I thought it was a little weird meeting up with a stranger once a month and sending him emails every week. But something told me to take it seriously, especially when I heard that this guy signed up to help me get into college and planned to stay in touch with me after."

Innovate Public Schools:

  • How World-class Schools Deliver for All Students "
    World-class schools are vibrant and inspiring places that set a high bar for all students, and consistently support each and every one to reach his or her full potential. While no two schools are alike, this report outlines six school practices that drive their success that you can put to work right now in your own school community."


Match Education:

Single Stop:

  • Hungry, Homeless and in College "As researchers who study why students don’t finish college, we happen to have first met people like Ms. Evans in universities and community colleges in Wisconsin. But just how common was it across the country for college students to struggle to come up with enough money for food or shelter? We asked the Association of Community College Trustees and the national nonprofit Single Stop to help us find out."

The Mission Continues:

  • Why The Mission Continues? "The Mission Continues empowers veterans who are adjusting to life after the military to find purpose through civic action. We deploy veterans on new missions in their communities, so that their legacy will be one of leadership and service. The Mission Continues has helped thousands of post-9/11 veterans reintegrate successfully by focusing their talents and energy on tackling challenges in their communities."


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