Amazing work is being done in the New Profit community every day! Here are some recent highlights from our game changing organizations, partners, and friends.

College Advising Corps:

  • TFA-Like Corps Sends College Advisers to High Schools "The message is simple, yet powerful: 'If I can do it, you can do it, too.' That's what graduates fresh out of college working in the College Advising Corps often tell high school students. Similar to Teach For America, the national program that recruits newly minted college graduates to teach in classrooms, the corps advisers commit to working full time for two years. They work alongside high school counselors with the goal of improving the number of first-generation college-going, low-income, underrepresented students who apply to, enter, and complete college."

College Summit:

  • Recognizing the Power of Peer-Led Initiatives "Happy New Year to all of our students, alumni, educators, partners and supporters! 2016 is a momentous year as it is the year we formally implement PeerForward, our campaign for the next generation of College Summit, nationwide. It will also be the year of student-driven change, where our amazing Peer Leaders retreat in the summer with their coaches and faculty sponsors to plan campaigns designed to create a college-going culture for their entire school."

Eye to Eye:

First Place For Youth:

  • Parenting Briefing "2015: An Exploratory Study of Pregnant and
    Parenting Youth in the Foster Care System"


  • FoodCorps Cultivates Healthy Food Systems through Youth Engagement "FoodCorps is making waves in youth engagement, impacting over 500 schools across 17 U.S. states and Washington, D.C. Having just welcomed its 5th generation of service members, FoodCorps encourages members’ collaboration with teachers, community leaders, and schools to provide children with knowledge of food and nutrition; engagement in hands-on food activities, like gardening; and access to nutritious, locally-sourced meals. The organization works to change attitudes, behaviors, perspectives, and school food environments throughout the United States. Food Tank had the opportunity to speak with Jerusha Klemperer, co-founder and communications director, at FoodCorps."


  • National Mentoring Month 2016 "Happy 2016! At iMentor, we look forward to January, not only because it’s a time to start fresh but also because it’s National Mentoring Month! National Mentoring Month is a time when mentoring organizations, individuals, nonprofits, supporters, and volunteers come together to build awareness of the power of mentoring relationships. It’s a time to recruit new volunteers, thank existing volunteers, and celebrate our successes in the field. There are a number of ways YOU can support iMentor during National Mentoring Month 2016."


  • The Simple Questions Matter "On November 12, the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) hosted the discussion, “The street homeless: Who are they, how do they survive, and how can we serve them,” with panelists, who currently or previously worked in community outreach and service. While the discussion was open for the audience to ask questions, the panelists also gave a brief introduction into their work."


New Classrooms:

  • Kids Learn Math At Their Own Pace In This Denver Middle School "What tends to happen is the kids who are far ahead lose interest, and the kids who are struggling have another day of not moving forward or another day of hiding at the back...Teach to One, a math program offered by New York-based non-profit called New Classrooms Innovation Partners, aims to change that dynamic."

New Leaders:

The Mission Continues:

  • Never Quit "I was recently asked what advice I would give to my children, if the time came when I could impart one last piece of fatherly wisdom. Without hesitation, I knew it would be this: never quit."

Third Sector Capital Partners:

  • Empowering Service Providers: What We Learned in Cuyahoga County "In the Pay for Success (PFS) model, governments, funders, and nonprofits work together to construct projects that measurably serve our most vulnerable populations. Within this cross-sector mix of stakeholders, local service providers play a critical role. Bringing local expertise to the table, these on-the-ground organizations are responsible for delivering services, and achieving the outcomes agreed to in the PFS contract. FrontLine Services is one such organization. Third Sector worked closely with the community nonprofit to explore how Pay for Success could scale its continuum of care services for the homeless in Cuyahoga County, Ohio. When the Cuyahoga Partnering for Family Success Program launched last year, FrontLine became the service provider to the first county-level PFS project. By working with FrontLine over the 12-month feasibility and construction period, we witnessed the several ways service providers benefit from PFS contracting."

Year Up: