Here are five social innovation links we are clicking on today:

  1. Amplify-New Profit's Blog: #OpportunityRedefined: Interview with Greg Walton, Associate Professor at Stanford University "A couple days ago, we launched the second installment of our digital dialogue series called #OpportunityRedefined, which seeks to lift up amazing leaders and ideas, provoke conversation, and incite boldness in addressing the toughest challenges we face in America. We’re excited today to publish our first interview of the second installment of our #OpportunityRedefined series featuring Associate Professor at Stanford University Greg Walton, who is committed to identifying psychological processes that contribute to social problems and to developing theory-based interventions to affect these processes."

  2. Politico: Arne Duncan’s Wars "With drive, ingenuity and a willingness to throw elbows, Obama’s closest friend in the Cabinet has tried to reshape American schools. Now will the backlash erase his legacy?"

  3. Understood: 5 Great Grade School Books About Kids Who Learn Differently "Going back to school can be exciting, but it can also be scary. Kids with learning and attention issues may have added concerns and issues with self-esteem. These five back-to-school book picks from founding partner Reading Rockets can show them they’re not alone!"

  4. The Huffington Post: Clinton Global Initiative Pledges Will Help More Than 15 Million People "The commitments made this year will improve girls' education, health services and farmers' opportunities."

  5. MindShift: Cutting Out College: When Employers Measure Career Readiness Themselves "Employers have been vocal that many recent college graduates don’t have the skills needed to succeed in the workplace. While graduating college is still highly correlated with professional job placement, that path may become just one of many."