Take 5! Here are five social innovation links we are clicking on today:

  1. Pacific Standard: Breaking the Cycle of Poverty, Two Generations at a Time
    "New anti-poverty programs, focused on helping children and parents both, are succeeding where others have failed... The creators of these programs have an ambitious goal, one that has long eluded reformers and advocates. They are, in Severens' words, 'trying to break the cycle of poverty once and for all.'"
  2. US News How to Help High Schoolers Without Home Internet Access
    "Ninety-four percent of school districts have acceptable high-speed internet, according to a report released last month by EducationSuperHighway, a nonprofit advocacy group. But even if students have internet access at school, they may not be connected at home. A 2017 report found that about 5 million school-age children, mostly low income, don't have home broadband internet. If students do have internet, it may not be sufficient, says Andrew Moore, chief information officer for Boulder Valley School District in Colorado. He is leading the district's efforts to get students online at home."
  3. The Atlantic: The Bipartisan Push for College-Endowment Reform
    “'We’ve lost sight of the idea that students, not fund managers, should be the primary beneficiaries of a university’s endowment,' wrote the law professor Victor Fleischer, whose 2006 proposal to change the tax treatment of 'carried interest' became a liberal cause célèbre. 'The private-equity folks get cash; students take out loans.'”
  4. The 74: Key Lessons from a 'Blue Ribbon' School in Los Angeles: 3 Ways to Build an Effective - and Enduring - Education Agenda
    "Last month, the U.S. Department of Education named KIPP Comienza Community Prep a 2017 National Blue Ribbon School, a distinction that recognizes schools that have shown success in closing the achievement gap for low-income and minority students. In 2016, parents and educators from the school, located in Los Angeles’s Huntington Park neighborhood, decided on a campaign to seek more middle school seats for their children." New Profit is a proud funder and partner of KIPP Schools.
  5. Brookings: What We Know About Career and Technical Education in High School
    "CTE advocates cite several goals of career-oriented learning experiences. For non-college-bound students, CTE can provide hands-on training that translates directly to attractive careers upon graduation. Work-related or internship-like experiences that are often a part of CTE can teach students the 'soft skills' necessary in the labor market. Finally, by integrating academic skills into a 'real world' context, advocates claim that CTE can motivate students to attend school more frequently and be more engaged, and therefore improve core academic skills."