Here’s five interesting #SocInn links we’re clicking on today:

  1. Citizen Schools: “Do the teachers like you?” Eric Schwarz, Founding CEO of Citizen Schools and author of The Opportunity Equation, answers a frequently asked question he receives about Citizen Schools: "Of all the questions I get about Citizen Schools, perhaps the most frequent is: “Do the teachers like you?” Many questioners seem conditioned to expect the worst of public school teachers and assume that a second shift of educators, offering different approaches and taking less or no pay, will inspire resentment from the full-time teachers who lead classes for a majority of the day...Generally, however, America’s teachers have embraced Citizen Schools and embraced an expanded learning day and citizen power in their schools." Citizen Schools is a past New Profit portfolio organization.
  2. LIFT: Statement by Lift on Ferguson, race, poverty, and how we can work toward healing "In light of the recent events in Ferguson, MO, we at LIFT believe that it is important to acknowledge and discuss the strong sentiments of frustration, distrust, and anger that have filled the nightly news cycle the past several weeks. While the protests in Ferguson and across the country have highlighted the injustice of this single incident, the reality is that what’s occurring in Ferguson is emblematic of a more common and subtle experience of racism and the inequality of opportunity that is present day-to-day across our country." New Profit is a proud funder of LIFT.
  3. ChalkBeat: On a new teacher’s first day, some success and many challenges A look at what it is like for first-year teachers through the story of Mary Young who's first year of teaching includes 30 first graders at Denver’s Gust Elementary. "She received a half day of training during the district’s new teacher induction, but that left her with just a short list of tips: move slowly, work in small groups and give them the start of sentences to complete themselves...That experience is typical for many teachers, said Lynn Kepp, the vice president of the New Teacher Center, which helps support early career teachers. 'The preparation, even if it’s an excellent preparation program, may not perfectly align with your student demographics,' said Kepp... Most first-year teachers benefit from extra support, mentoring and professional development. The key for even the most prepared teachers like Young, Kepp said, is having someone there when you don’t meet your own expectations." New Profit is a proud funder of New Teacher Center.
  4. NationSwell: How a Two-Week Bootcamp is Getting Vets Ready for Higher Learning [VIDEO] "The Warrior-Scholar Project offers veterans intense two-week college prep classes at some of the country's greatest universities, including Harvard and Yale." To learn more, watch the video here.
  5. Brooklyn Daily Eagle: Fariña: Dozens of NYC schools to buddy up in Learning Partners Program Dozens of New York City public schools are joining the Learning Partners Program that partners schools that have demonstrated strength in a particular area with schools seeking to build their strength in that area. "Schools Chancellor Carmen Fariña said that 73 schools have been selected to join the selective Learning Partners Program...Fariña has long advocated for collaboration in education...'When principals and teachers are encouraged to share strong practices and effective strategies, it’s the students who benefit,' Fariña said in a statement Monday."