Here are five social innovation links we are clicking on today:

  1. Amplify-New Profit's Blog: 7 Extraordinary Women Finish New Profit's Inaugural Accelerator Program "New Profit’s Accelerator is a one-year program designed to accelerate the potential of extraordinary female social entrepreneurs and the impact of their organizations. The inaugural cohort was made up of 7 amazing social entrepreneurs – Jessica Sager of All Our Kin, Alexandra Bernadotte of Beyond 12, T. Morgan Dixon and Vanessa Garrison of GirlTrek, Lisbeth Shepherd of Green City Force, Leila Janah of Sama Group, and Maisha Moses of The Young People’s Project. Over the past year, these seven female social entrepreneurs formed a cohort and received insider access to New Profit tools, resources, and networks in addition to a one-time gift of up to $50K. The group recently came together for the finale of the New Profit Accelerator pilot. The following post is an account of the event from Kelly Cutler, New Profit’s Accelerator lead."

  2. Inside Philanthropy: Philanthropy Forecast, 2016: Trends and Funders to Watch "We recently took a look back at 2015 with our Philanthropy Awards that chronicled the year’s highs, along with a few lows. Now we cast an eye forward, to what 2016 may bring. Here’s our list of the trends and funders we’ll be paying attention to in the coming year. Follow the links to IP articles to dig deeper."

  3. The Huffington Post: Reason, Empathy and Integration: The Anti-Fear Combination Treatment "The only antidotes to fear are reason and empathy. However, they are like some medicines. They are only effective in combination. Families, communities, and religious institutions all have a role in combating fear, but so do schools. These intellectual and emotional attributes can be taught and nurtured."

  4. EdSurge: From a Teacher: Three Ways Education Startups Get Marketing Wrong "Start building trust now, and the money and users will soon follow."

  5. NPR: How To Help Kids In Poverty Adjust To The Stability Of School After Break "The first day back from winter break can be restless. Many children are still coming down from the excitement of the holidays. Two unstructured weeks away from school — with strange food, rituals and relatives — can be overwhelming for many children, especially when it grinds to a halt after the new year and normality resumes. But for students whose families are struggling in poverty, time away from school isn't an exciting blip on an otherwise calm school year. For them, it can be a crippling time of insecurity when it comes to food and shelter."