Take 5! Here are five social innovation links we are clicking on today:

  1. Hartford Courant: Teachers Union Seeks Injunction To Block Education Cuts Ordered By Malloy
    "Outside Superior Court in Hartford Wednesday, education leaders and teachers from three towns named as plaintiffs in the suit — Torrington, Plainfield and Brooklyn — said the education cuts impede their legal obligation to offer Connecticut children a proper education. 'These cuts to our students and schools are the worst in Connecticut’s modern history,' said Donald Williams, the education association’s executive director. 'Left unchecked, these cuts will cause chaos.'"
  2. SF Gate: African American Female Excellence Program host first Black Girl Power Conference
    "The AAFE is a new initiative from the Oakland Unified School District’s (OUSD) Office of Equity. The initiative’s goal is to increase the academic achievement of African American girls within the district. The conference focused on providing girls with the skills and encouragement to find and enhance their self-confidence. AAFE Director Nzingha Dugas said she thought very carefully about the conference title. She said she decided not to name it after the recent 'black girl magic' slogan. 'I don’t want it to be ‘magic,’ because I think sometimes that magical notion doesn’t understand the power that black girls carry with them. That they can dig deep inside and pull that out at any moment if they just know how to access it,' she said."
  3. New Classrooms: Taos Middle School Launches Personalized Learning with Innovation Grant
    "Last school year, the New Mexico Public Education Department developed innovation grants to support schools as they shifted to Teach to One: Math‘s student-centered learning models. After hearing about opportunity from Principal Alfred Cordova, Martinez did some research and was intrigued at how Teach to One was able to differentiate instruction and lesson content for every student. 'Our kids come in at such different levels, it was really important for us to find a program that would meet students where they are,' Martinez said. 'Additionally, we really liked the way TTO uses different learning styles (modalities) to teach students.'" New Profit is a proud funder and partner of New Classrooms.
  4. The Atlantic: How Florida's Schools Are Welcoming Puerto Ricans
    "Among the Orange County Public Schools officials who have been stationed at the Orlando airport, greeting more than 100 families and helping displaced parents enroll their children in the city’s public schools, are district human resources personnel interviewing teachers—right there in the terminal. 'When they get off the plane, they’re told that there’s some assistance, that there are a group of people downstairs waiting for them,' said Bridget Williams, the district’s chief of staff. 'To see the look on their face when they walk into the room, and to see a room full of individuals that are there to help, is powerful. Just the look on their face.'"
  5. Brookings: Should Noncognitive Measures Be Used for Teacher Accountability?
    "States recently submitted proposals for new accountability systems aligned with the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). As policymakers review these and as states implement them, it is essential that they–and we as a full education community–ground these discussions in a broader conversation about the skills that we want students to have when they leave school. College and career-ready standards under Common Core and similar frameworks ask that students develop higher-order thinking skills that are widely perceived to be important for students’ short-term success in school and long-term success in the labor market. However, these successes also depend on several other skills that can be taught in school: an ability to interact positively with their peers, regulate their own behavior, adopt a growth mindset, persevere in the face of difficulty, etc."