Here's five social innovation links we are clicking on today:
  1. The Washington Post: Two New Studies Show Charter Schools Can Work — If You Give Them Time "The argument for charter schools has always been based on the theory that competition is good. When teachers and principals have a chance to try new ideas, the most successful approaches will attract more students. The problem is that those ideas have been slow in coming. Much of the research suggests that students in charter schools don't do quite as well as their peers in district schools. Now, data from two new studies suggest the premise behind charter schools is sound -- it is [sic] takes a lot longer to work than anybody expected. Eventually, ineffective schools in the charter sector close, while the best ones remain open, which suggests that students in these schools will do better over time as schools discover improved ways of teaching."
  2. The Mission Continues Blog: Veteran Leaders on the Move for the First #ServiceSummit "When patriots gathered in Boston Harbor to protest taxation without representation, they set out against the unknown to change their conditions for a better future. Nearly 50 platoon and squad leaders from The Mission Continues will carry that same spirit this weekend as we kick off the first annual Service Platoon Summit, hosted by Harvard’s Kennedy School." New Profit is a proud funder and partner of The Mission Continues.
  3. The Huffington Post: Technology Is Bringing Back the Apprenticeship Model. It Just Has a Different Name - Mentoring "We put together a graphic in an attempt to make sense of the mentoring organizations (particularly in STEM) that we bump into frequently. We wanted to compile best practices, lessons learned, latest research stats from these organizations and tease out patterns and recommendations for the field." This article provides a list of organizations, working in this field, divided by a variety of characteristics, including a shout out to iMentor's methods of "support[ing] one-to-one mentoring relationships." New Profit is a proud funder and partner of iMentor.
  4. EdSurge: Should Schools Train Teachers Like Designers? One CEO is Convinced "Amy is the Founder and CEO of TrueSchool Studio--a year-old upstart headquartered in New Orleans that uses research and design best practices to help schools around the country impact student outcomes. Her company has a bold theory of change: If schools and school leaders approached their problems like members of the design community, they arrive at solutions in a quicker, more cost-effective, more communal way."
  5. Heartland: Study: KIPP Schools Raise Achievement, Don’t Skim Best Students "Critics of KIPP, however, have attributed high achievement to a student body primed for success from the start and impact data that doesn’t account for attrition rates. A new and rigorous study proves otherwise. KIPP, in fact, produces excellent results with the same or lower-performing students as traditional public schools and similar attrition rates." New Profit is a proud funder and partner of KIPP.