Here's five social innovation links we are clicking on today:
  1. New Profit Blog: The Power of Collaboration Our amazing Board Member Jeff Walker was featured in David Brooks column on the power of collaboration. Check out our latest blog post featuring the column and more.
  2. Mashable: Global Recession Worsens Outlook for Youth in Developed World "The economic decline observed in world markets since 2008, dubbed the 'Great Recession,' continues to have a negative effect on young adults' well-being, according to a recent study. UNICEF's 'Children of the Recession' report, released in September, argues that youth living in developed countries have suffered from the recession the most, and will likely suffer the consequences for the longest."
  3. Vox: 82% of Americans Want Congress to Make Student Loans Cheaper, But it's a Bad Idea "The Wall Street Journal and NBC are out with a new post-election poll, and the most popular policy idea for the next Congress is… cheaper student loans. A whopping 82 percent of survey respondents said they supported 'providing access to lower-cost student loans and providing more time to those who are paying off their debt...[but] There are better ways to make college affordable."
  4. Harvard Business Review: 5 Examples of Great Health Care Management "Here are just five examples of the dozens of innovations out there that make my head and my heart hurt. I hope they make you feel envious, too — and that you will send us your own examples so that we might learn from them as well." This article features Health Leads among other innovative organizations. New Profit is a proud funder and partner of Health Leads.
  5. NationSwell: The Dos and Don’ts of Helping the Hungry "America has a hunger problem.That’s a fact that often goes unnoticed, but at least one in seven Americans depend on meal services or food pantries to feed themselves or their families, according to a recent report from Feeding America, a hunger relief organization. While it’s natural to think about helping the hungry around the holidays, here are some ways to assist those struggling to meet their basic needs not just now, but throughout the entire year."