Here's five social innovation links we are clicking on today:
  1. ABC News: New Study Finds Dads Need to Step Up the Baby Talk "Moms and dads interact differently with their babies when it comes to stimulating speech development, study finds." Talking to children during infancy can greatly improve speech development, Dr. Richard Besser encourages parents, especially fathers, to increase interaction with infants.
  2. Open Circle: Open Circle’s “Top 25” List of Children’s Literature that Connects to Social and Emotional Learning "For 25 years, Open Circle has been helping children acquire the skills they need to build and maintain positive relationships. For many of those years, teachers have turned to children’s literature to deepen children’s understanding of themselves and others. On the occasion of Open Circle’s 25th anniversary, we offer our “Top 25” children’s books that connect to social and emotional learning. Of the countless books that teachers use to shed light on such issues as friendship, inclusion, empathy, problem solving, or understanding differences, some titles stand out for being especially authentic and memorable. C.S. Lewis says, “We read to know we are not alone.” Like good friends, the books on this list are potential sources of comfort, validation, laughter, surprises, and new perspectives for children."
  3. Fast Company: The Random Events That Sparked 8 of the World's Biggest Startups "Light-bulb moments don’t happen on command, and brainstorming sessions rarely produce extraordinary results. More often it’s a random remark, event, or memory that sends an entrepreneur down the rabbit hole of innovation. From Airbnb to Yelp, here are the surprising origin stories to eight of today’s hottest companies"
  4. The New York Times: De Blasio Unveils New Plans for Troubled Schools in New York "In the packed auditorium of an East Harlem high school, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced a new approach to fixing New York City’s most troubled public schools on Monday, offering them more money and staffing, extending the length of their day, and arranging for social services to be delivered to students and families on site."
  5. Education Week: State Initiatives Widen Reach of ACT, SAT Tests "Nevada and Missouri next spring will join a rapidly growing number of states that are shelling out money for every 11th grader in public high school to take the ACT or SAT college-entrance exams. Nearly half of states—and individual school districts in most others—have contracted with the nation's two biggest college-testing programs for some form of wide-scale administration in high school so that no student will have an excuse for passing up the opportunity to take one of the tests."