Take 5! Here are five social innovation links we are clicking on today:

  1. The Atlantic: The Diminishing Role of Art in Children's Lives "Kids have fewer opportunities to do art in school and at home—and that could have long-term consequences."
  2. The Stanford Social Innovation Review: Time to Reboot Grantmaking "Social sector organizations need a 'healthy diet'a of funding to achieve maximum impact, a concept neatly captured by the Grantmaking Pyramid now used by the Ford Foundation.
  3. NationSwell: 10 Ways to Break Down barriers for Entrepreneurs in Your Community "Every neighborhood is different, but supporting new businesses comes with some common challenges."
  4. The 74 Million: Intensive Preschool Programs Can Yield Massive Returns, Especially for Boys, Nobel Laureate's Study Shows "Two of the oldest and most-cited early childhood education programs have yielded enormous social benefits, research from Nobel laureate James Heckman suggests. Although the costs of administering the 1970s-era programs — the Carolina Abecedarian Project and the Carolina Approach to Responsive Education (ABC/CARE) — were high, their results were more impressive: low-income families saw roughly $7.30 worth of benefit for every dollar spent, according to a new paper from the National Bureau of Economic Research."
  5. Getting Smart: 10 New & Innovative EdTech Products Announced at ISTE 2017 "Another ISTE conference is in the books, and this year’s roundup of new products and ideas announced at the world’s second largest EdTech event didn’t disappoint. From virtual reality to boosting reading engagement, we have compiled a list of the innovative products and tools featured at this year’s conference."