Take 5! Here are five social innovation links we are clicking on today:

  1. L.A. Biz: Deloitte drops workplace diversity groups for women, minorities "Deloitte is doing away with employee groups focused on women and minorities, a new diversity approach one scholar says must be accompanied by serious and intelligent discussions.The New York-based financial advisory firm has the right idea, because employee affinity groups marginalize people, said Christina Hoff Sommers, a gender politics and feminism scholar."
  2. The Atlantic: What It Takes to Mentor Poor Kids "'I know that everything is stacked against my scholars," says Nadia Lopez, a principal featured in Humans of New York."
  3. The Synapse: When Kids Make "They think..ask questions..try out ideas."
  4. RAND Corporation: Insights on Personalized Learning Implementation and Effects "The basic concept of personalized learning (PL) — instruction that is focused on meeting students' individual learning needs while incorporating their interests and preferences — has been a longstanding practice in U.S. K–12 education. Options for personalization have increased as personal computing devices have become increasingly affordable and available in schools and developers created software to support individual student learning. In recent years, it has become more common for schools to embrace schoolwide models of PL. We collected data from schools in the Next Generation Learning Challenges (NGLC)'s Breakthrough School Models program. Our study seeks to describe the practices and strategies these schools used to implement PL, understand some of the challenges and facilitators, and consider these alongside achievement findings to discern patterns that may be informative."
  5. Turn: Chronic Stress and ACEs "Michael Lamb, Executive Director with Turnaround for Children, shares a series of talks focusing on chronic stress, adversity, trust and what it means to be a trauma-informed educator." New Profit is a proud funder and partner of Turnaround for Children.