Take 5! Here are five social innovation links we are clicking on today:

  1. The Atlantic: Why Grades Are Not Paramount to Achievement "The intrinsic love of learning supplants the drive for high marks in the long run."
  2. iNACOL: What Does Personalized Learning Mean for Teachers? "As families, communities, parents, teachers and students around the country have deep conversations around how to transform schools to better prepare each student for future success, many schools are implementing personalized learning models to best meet the unique needs of each student and prepare all students for a lifetime of success (simultaneously). Good teachers have always sought to match their teaching to the unique needs of each student – by offering options to dig deeper into an assignment for advanced learners or by offering additional support or a modified assignment to struggling learners. Yet, doing so for a class of 20 to 30 students has been simply impossible for every student, in every lesson, every day with a single teacher and a single textbook. It’s time for empowering educators to personalize learning. Now, thanks to new designs, tools and approaches, teachers can provide every student with powerful, personalized learning experiences. Teachers find this empowering and motivating." New Profit is a proud funder and supporter of iNACOL.
  3. McClatchy: Homeless college students a growing concern on campuses "Studies suggest thousands of students at community colleges nationwide could be considered homeless or precariously housed, either because they have been thrown out of home, evicted, or sleep in a shelter, car or abandoned building...The few researchers who study the issue say there is scant data, but that they believe a surprisingly large number of college students are homeless. While some colleges have started to offer programs to help with housing or food needs, more needs to be done."
  4. Hechinger Report: Reality check: After four years of tough college prep, high school seniors grapple with gaps in financial aid "A lucky few get full rides, but most students at Match High School face overwhelming college costs."
  5. Geneva Global: When the "S" Word Defines You: How We Realized We're Systems Thinkers "It was several hours into discussing some of the most complex problems of the twenty-first century with a group of peers at Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government that my mind went back to the book I had written recently. Doing Good Great had captured eight key lessons of good practice in development and philanthropy based on my 35 years of experience. It discusses the need for an investment mindset, clarity of measurement, failing quickly and transparently, strategic design, building in multipliers, and active collaboration. But never once did I use the 'S' word. The convening was focused on systems change, and the group used the term 'systems entrepreneurs' to describe the individuals and organizations that curated this transformation on social systems. And suddenly I had my 'aha' moment. Everything I had written in the book described the elements of effective systems change, but now I had a label, a nomenclature, and identifier that I could own and explain."