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February 24, 2014

Today we direct you to a HuffpostImpact blog post by Alan Khazei, Co-Chair, Franklin Project at the Aspen Institute and CEO, Be The Change, Inc. (and husband of New Profit Founder & Managing Director Vanessa Kirsch!):

"Imagine if one day soon in our country, when a young person turns 18 the most common question they are asked is: 'Where will you do your service year?' And they enthusiastically respond: 'The Army. AmeriCorps. The Navy. The Peace Corps. The Marines. Fema Corps. The Air Force. Teach For America. The Coast Guard. Youthbuild.' After this week, they will be able to add Tufts University, thanks to its groundbreaking new '1+4' initiative that integrates a 'bridge year of national service' right into the Tufts college curriculum."

Read Alan's full piece here to learn more about national service, Tufts University's new 1+4 initiative, The Franklin Project, and The Aspen Institute. For more, read the press release from The Aspen Institute here.


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