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March 24, 2014


"Vanessa Kirsch’s vision for her venture philanthropy fund New Profit Inc. was reflected in a soda can.

Kirsch was traveling in Vietnam when she saw how lives were saved in one small village from a simple nutrition program, yet that same program didn’t reach the next village downstream where people were malnourished but had an ample supply of Coca-Cola.

'I was struck by how in the village next door we hadn’t been able to take that nonprofit innovation to the village, but could get Coca-Cola all across the ocean to that village,' said Kirsch.

Kirsch wondered why large multinational companies such as Coca-Cola Co. (NYSE: KO) had been able to expand their reach into communities where there wasn’t even electricity, but nonprofit groups weren’t able to reach similar economies of scale. To seek an answer, she and her husband traveled around the world for nearly a year and interviewed 350 people who worked at nonprofits, businesses and governments in various countries."

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