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January 19, 2017

Are you a young person changing the world for the better?

Are you interested in the opportunity to participate in one of the most dynamic social impact-focused events of the year, where you’ll get to meet and collaborate with legendary social justice leaders, social entrepreneurs, and other changemakers?

Then apply to be a Millennial Impact Fellow at New Profit’s 2017 Gathering of Leaders!

How can we break down the barriers between us – generational, racial, socioeconomic, geographic – to create an America that works for everyone? At New Profit’s annual Gathering of Leaders, February 28 - March 2, 2017, ~400 leadership-level participants will delve into this question together.

The 2017 Gathering will focus on unity, renewal, and collaboration for social justice at this challenging moment. Young leaders like you are vital participants in our discussion – you are the ones who have already, or will soon, take leadership of campaigns, organizations, and other activities that will move our nation forward. We’ll come together just outside of Atlanta, a city that has long been at the forefront of social problem solving and the quest for equality in America.

This is a unique opportunity to dive into the middle of dialogue and action that will shape America’s future!

If you are interested in becoming a Millennial Impact Fellow, please enter our video competition. Winners will receive free travel, accommodation, and admission to the Gathering of Leaders. Here are the parameters:

  • You must be between the ages of 21 and 30.
  • You must be deeply engaged in social impact-related work, either professionally or otherwise, and have a passion for social problem solving.


Here’s how you can participate: Create a video that show us how your work, perspective, or role in your community would allow you to benefit from connecting with other changemakers around the country.

  • Create a 90-second-or-less video that tells us about your passion for social impact and how it relates to the themes of the Gathering, using these questions as your inspiration:
      • What keeps you up at night?
      • With unlimited resources, what one thing would you do/change today?
      • What unifies our country?
      • Who inspires you the most to keep fighting for justice and equity?
      • In challenging times, what renews your spirit?
  • Upload your video to YouTube and send us a link to watch it at by January 31 at midnight. Feel free to upload the video as “unlisted” using YouTube’s settings. If this approach doesn’t work for you, please try emailing us the video directly at the email above.


Don’t forget to let your personality and passion show!

Click the links to learn more about New Profit and the Gathering of Leaders.

For official competition rules, please click here.

Check out this example submission from New Profit's own Greg Groves:

[video width="2880" height="1620" mp4=""][/video]


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