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May 1, 2017

I had an outstanding time at the 13th Gathering of Leaders conference. It was great to be in a space with people who have different values, difference experience, but, all share a common goal to make their community a better place for all.

I honestly didn’t know what to expect. I enjoyed listening to all the great leaders who are passionate about breaking down barriers that are impacting marginalized groups. There were a lot of people who recognized and acknowledged that the systems currently in place don't allow all people to prosper. David Stroh with Bridgeway Partners mentioned that “systems are perfectly designed to achieve exactly what they are achieving right now.”

What are you willing to sacrifice to advance equity in your community was a question I ask the group? A question that we must all ask in order to change systems in our community.

One of the key highlights for me and, the best part of being a Millennial Impact Fellow, was being able to connect with a group of other millennials. We all came in as strangers and left the gathering as great friends. Relationship were established in a few hours that will last a long time. This group is excited to continue to be engaged with the gathering so that our voices, experiences and commitment to social change can be a part of the bigger solution.

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