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June 3, 2015

The Reimagine Learning network is back together in Boston for its seventh convening, which falls at a critical moment in education and learning in America (as we noted in a blog post yesterday).

Reimagine Learning Mission: Transform the future of learning in America so all students can achieve both academic and life success through implementing differentiated learning approaches, putting intentionality on social and emotional learning, and supporting learner agency in learning environments.

The diverse group of partners in the Reimagine Learning network includes some of the most inspirational and visionary people and organizations in social action today. LeDerick Horne, a poet and board member of Eye to Eye, is a case in point. He opened our convening this morning with a poem and a call to action - I DARE YOU! - that reminded us of how bold we have to be to transform learning in America. Watch a video of LeDerick's piece below:


To add a bit more fuel to the collective fire, Shruti Sehra, who leads Reimagine Learning as a Partner at New Profit, published a Huffington Post piece that articulates the moment of opportunity at hand:

"This is our moment to live up to the oft-stated belief that every child deserves a chance at a good education in our country. While there has been important progress in education over the last 20 years, the fact of the matter remains that too many children find themselves left behind and out of place because of forces beyond their control, including learning and attention issues and the social and emotional affects of poverty, trauma, and toxic stress.

...together we can raise up the powerful stories of what is working every day in our classrooms and...make a difference for students."

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