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July 5, 2016

This post has been updated to include our fourth investment, UnboundEd.

Today we are proud to announce new investments in three education-focused organizations: Enlearn, Leading Educators, LEAP Innovations, and UnboundEd. Each of these organizations offer a fresh perspective on improving student learning, whether focusing on teachers, curriculum, or the students themselves. These investments are being made through the New Profit Innovation Fund, as part of New Profit’s new capacity building partnership with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Here’s why we’re excited about our new investments:

Enlearn: Founded by Zoran Popovic, Enlearn creates access to a self-adapting learning ecosystem for students and teachers. Aimed at students two or more years below grade level, Enlearn already has impressive plans to scale: the product is expected to reach 100,000 students by the end of 2016. At the rates of the field trial, this means students will be solving 4.5 times more problems per class period.

Read the full Enlearn announcement here.

Leading Educators: Leading Educators aims to ensure that all students have access to great teachers, especially in urban schools. Founded by Jay Altman and led by CEO Jonas Chartock, the organization partners with schools and districts to help highly effective teachers develop the leadership skills they need to successfully transition from leading students to leading their peers. After a 20-month Fellowship, Leading Educators Fellows are shown to stay in high poverty schools at rates 10-29% higher than the district average, which poses immense potential for impacting learning outcomes of underserved students.

Read the full Leading Educators announcement here.

LEAP Innovations: Led by CEO Phyllis Lockett, LEAP Innovations is dedicated to transforming education by bridging the gap between education and innovation. LEAP Innovations brings tech into the classroom to help educators develop and implement personalized learning environments for each student’s skills, interests, and goals. In their short history, LEAP is already beginning to see the positive impact of its efforts. Since launching in 2014, LEAP has partnered with more than 40 schools in Chicago, connecting nearly 3,500 students with personalized learning strategies and tech solutions.

Read the full LEAP Innovations announcement here.


UnboundEd: UnboundEd works to close the achievement gap by combining standards-aligned, open-sourced curricula with supporting materials and rich networks of training for educators. The organization brings together educators from across the nation for a multi-day transformative learning experience of how to improve student performance. UnboundEd’s free, open-sourced online curriculum is largely based on the successful EngageNY curriculum that has reached nearly one third of teachers across the country.

Read the full UnboundEd announcement here.

New Profit is thrilled to begin partnerships with such extraordinary organizations and to help them each make strides in education in their own way.


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