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February 28, 2017

The 2017 Gathering of Leaders is almost here! Leading up to our annual convening March 1-2 in Atlanta, we’ll be sharing some of last year’s standout moments and lessons.

Social change is a balancing act across many tensions: Innovation with institutionalization; national scalability with local ownership; inclusive co-creation of strategies with disciplined, efficient execution; speed with sustainability of change. As funders and social entrepreneurs, we experience particular tension in answering the question: “who has a role in owning the agenda to drive social change"? What should the role be of parents, students and the communities we aspire to serve? Of ourselves as social entrepreneurs and funders? Innovate Public Schools and Family Independence Initiative will share how they address this tension, their take on the roles of parents, communities and themselves—organizers and allies—and finally the role of data and information in empowerment.

JESÚS GERENA (Managing Partner, Family Independence Initiative)
MATT HAMMER (Founder & CEO, Innovate Public Schools)
MARITZA LEAL (Parent Leader, Redwood City, Innovate Public Schools)
RAMONA SHEWL (Family Participant, Family Independence Initiative)
ALEX CORTEZ (Managing Partner, New Profit) – moderator

Check out some of the tweets from our network during this candid, heartening session:

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