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July 31, 2015

We launched our #OpportunityRedefined digital dialogue series recently with hopes of highlighting cutting edge social innovators and provoking bold conversation (and collaboration) about the future of social problem solving.

Our first installment of the series, which focused on changing notions about opportunity and social mobility in America, turned out to be deeper and more informative than we had anticipated, because we heard from such passionate, dynamic people. Here’s a wrap-up post on some of the highlights from the past few weeks:

  1. Google On-Air Hangout with 3 visionary social entrepreneurs: Alex Bernadotte (Founder & CEO, Beyond12), Kirsten Lodal (Founder & CEO, LIFT), Maria Teresa Kumar (President & CEO, Voto Latino).
    Watch the full video here and join the dialogue by posting a comment on this blog or on twitter with hashtag #OpportunityRedefined. Our hope is that this entrepreneur-led conversation will foster boldness and additional collaboration to tackle some of the thorniest challenges that hold us back.

  2. Interview with Allen Blue (Co-founder, LinkedIn)allen_blue_graphic

  3. Interview with Mia Birdsong (Former Vice President, Family Independence Initiative; and Co-Director of forthcoming Family Story initiative),Mia Birdsong Graphic v2

We were pleased to see and hear your reactions to these conversations and we encourage you to continue to follow the digital series on this blog and across Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn with the hashtag #OpportunityRedefined this next month as we shift our focus towards how advancements in behavioral science are providing opportunities to change the way we solve problems in America.



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