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January 27, 2017

In December 2016, we released a final report highlighting the accomplishments of the Pathways Fund, a five-year fund with the goal of strengthening the bridge between education and workforce development in order to foster opportunity and access for low-income youth. In the coming weeks, we will provide an in-depth look into the report, the success stories of the Pathways Fund and the lessons we’ve learned.

In 2010, New Profit was awarded a five-year $25 million federal Social Innovation Fund (SIF) grant to launch the Pathways Fund. The mission of the Pathways Fund was to strengthen the bridge between education and workforce development in order to foster opportunity and access for low-income youth. As part of the SIF, the Pathways Fund provided financial and strategic support to help increase the reach and impact of six innovative nonprofit organizations working toward this collective mission - College Advising Corps, College Summit, iMentor, Single Stop, Year Up, and YouthBuild USA.

With the closing of the Pathways Fund at the end of 2016, we published a final report in December to tell the collective Pathways story and highlight the work of the Pathways organizations.

As we look to the work left to do in 2017 and beyond, we are both energized from everything the Pathways community has accomplished and motivated to apply forward what worked well and learn from what worked less well. The four-part blog series that we’ll be sharing over the next few weeks pulls out our key successes and lessons learned related to:

  1. building a learning community through convenings;
  2. increasing the evidence base of a cohort through rigorous evaluation studies
  3. pursuing aligned action through formal and informal collaboration strategies;
  4. learnings for New Profit and the broader field.

Our hope is that other practitioners, funders, policymakers, and thought leaders will apply and build on the successes and lessons of the Pathways Fund to continue spurring innovation and progress.


  • INFUSED UNPRECEDENTED CAPITAL INTO CRITICAL INTERVENTIONS: $93 million of direct investments and services were infused into the college access/success and workforce development fields.
  • RAISED EVIDENCE LEVEL OF FIELD: Three randomized controlled trials (RCTs) and four quasi-experiments will add significantly to the volume of evidence in the college access/success field.
  • DOUBLED NUMBER OF YOUNG PEOPLE SERVED: 403,512 young people were collectively served by the six Pathways Fund organizations in 2015, nearly double the number served in 2010.
  • COLLABORATED FOR GREATER EFFICIENCY AND IMPACT: 25 collaborations emerged between national offices across the Pathways network by the midpoint of the Pathways Fund.
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To read the full report, click here.

Special thanks to the primary funders of the Pathways Fund:

Corporation for National and Community Service | Blue Ridge Foundation New York | Carnegie Corporation New York | The Kresge Foundation | Oak Foundation | Robin Hood Foundation | State Street Foundation | JPMorgan Chase Foundation | Open Society Foundation | SeaChange Capital Partners


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