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September 30, 2016

Amazing work is being done in the New Profit community every day! Here are some recent highlights from our game changing organizations, partners, and friends.


  • When Teachers Build Edtech, Awesomeness Ensues—and Here’s Why Four KIPP teachers decided to take matters into their own hands, responding to this frustration by building something better. Today, KIPP Bay Area teachers can generate personalized Khan Academy playlists for their students in under 10 minutes using an automated tool. The tool was designed by KIPP Bay Area teachers and, unsurprisingly, solves a real problem while saving time.

College Advising Corps

  • Recognizing College Opportunity “Champions of Change” Nicole Hurd, PhD is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the College Advising Corps (CAC), headquartered in Chapel Hill. Nicole has led CAC from a pilot project in Virginia to the largest college access program in the country, placing hundreds of near peer advisers in high schools from coast-to-coast. In the 2016-2017 school year, CAC's 600 advisers will assist over 180,000 low-income, first generation, and underrepresented students in navigating the path to college.

Third Sector Capital Partners

  • Towards a Performance-Driven Social Sector Across the country, communities are changing the way they serve people in need. Local and state governments are taking a new look at how they contract for social services delivered to our most valuable citizens. Closer examination of current contracting practices may ultimately outline a path to healthier, safer, and more just communities, but only if all stakeholders have a voice.

New Classrooms Innovation Partners

  • TechBoston Academy launches new personalized math curriculum Boston Public Schools launched a partnership Thursday with a national education nonprofit to bring a personalized math program to one Dorchester school. Under the program, middle-school students at TechBoston Academy will be assigned daily to one of nine instructional approaches in math, based on their performance the previous day.



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