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June 25, 2018

New Profit works with an incredible array of social entrepreneurs who are solving social challenges in our society. A large number of organizations in our portfolio work with children, in and out of school. As a result, we have seen and learned firsthand the critical role that parents play in a child’s development, and the harmful, long-term effects that trauma can have on a young person. 

We are shocked and saddened about the current crisis taking place with families at America’s southern border. We stand with all those who recognize that separating children from their parents is unacceptable, and that families must be reunited as quickly as possible through a responsible application of our border policy, even as we also realize the need for comprehensive immigration reform.

As a nation, and as a society, we must find solutions that take into account our shared humanity, our deep American values about the importance of family. We are heartened to see the many voices of our peers and colleagues being raised to call for a solution, and the outpouring of support in both financial and human resources to rectify the situation.

New Profit is premised on the belief that together we can overcome any social barrier. We must come together now to reunite the children who have been separated and keep families together, to cease any further emotional harm to them.


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