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January 30, 2014

Happy New Year!

It's the end of January, so we can just make some New Years Resolutions in under the wire! We asked some of our stellar cadre of social entrepreneurs-led organizations for their resolutions, and here's what we heard back:

Eric Dawson, Peace First

College Summit
"College Summit's New Years resolution is to connect kids to college and careers with new insights, rigor and efficiency. We are resolved to do so with an unshakeable commitment to collaboration, openness and innovation."

Joel Rose, New Classrooms
"Continue to push the envelope on invention and not get too conservative."

Ellen Moir, New Teacher Center
"My New Year's resolution is to continue to build a movement focused on providing every new teacher the support they need so they can make a difference in their students' lives from day one—because every student deserves a great teacher."

David Flink, Eye to Eye
"As an organization that cares deeply about both learning and mentorship we would like to learn something new from 15 New Profit social entrepreneurs who stand to help us mentor our movement. With that said, thinking of January being named after the G-d Janus, who looked back and forward at the same time, we know the key to our resolution is to look back and honor the amazing 15 years past, but at the same time be very forward focused. We resolve to learn from the past but live in the present and audaciously charge towards the future. What will 2028 look like for Eye to Eye, New Profit and the learning rights movement? We resolve to learn this together."

"LIFT's New Year's resolution is to drive continuous innovation in its effort to lift people out of poverty for good by learning from the feedback of the community members we work side-by-side with."

Food Corps
"To spend at least as much time analyzing data, learning from it and improving because of it as we do gathering it."

Health Leads
"Health Leads' New Year's resolution is to connect nearly 15,000 patients to the resources they need to be be healthy—and in doing so, work alongside our healthcare institution partners to make patients' social needs a standard part of quality patient care across the healthcare system."

Peer Health Exchange
"For PHE: Act boldly in changes to our program model to affect teen health behavior more than ever before. For myself (Louise Langheier): Be present in every day to give it my all—as a leader, parent, wife, daughter, sister, friend, citizen."

What's YOUR social innovation resolution?


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